All Dogs Are Cowards (Dogs Exposed)

5-May, 2018
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Would your dog protect its owner during home invasion? We all know the only reason you get a dog is for it to sacrifice itself for you in case of an emergency, but would it actually do it? Let's find out.
If you're actually reading this description comment "I am the slapping bandit"
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  • Hey Danny I'd like you to review some ridiculous magic from that man I can't remember his name 😅 but he's always on fb doing ridiculous prank and magic with his friends.

    TinaMaan NgLintekTinaMaan NgLintek39 daqiqa oldin
  • 👁 👁 👃 👄

    Christina MorrisChristina MorrisKun oldin
  • Did enyone think they were trying to go outside to get help from the neighbors or another human

    rose 14rose 14Kun oldin
  • My cat doesn't get robbed, she robs She's a c a t b u r g l a r

    molly pricemolly priceKun oldin
  • I always have been Greg

    Bored BonnieBored BonnieKun oldin
  • A crackhead broke into my house and my snail snapped his neck.

    BlueFox The CutestBlueFox The Cutest2 kun oldin
  • When an assassin broke into my house, my hamster took out her machine gun she's been hiding in her cheek pouch and shot him in the chest 23 times before going back on her wheel.

    Alpha MoonZiAlpha MoonZi2 kun oldin
  • I think that ruby just went to get a knife.

    Generals TCGGenerals TCG2 kun oldin
  • My dog is the best person in the house and if she wants to lick my face after she lick her ass....than so be it.

    Audrey BotelhoAudrey Botelho3 kun oldin
  • Lol dogs be like "Welp the food was good and the company was nice but I gotta go. See ya."

    Keegan MasonKeegan Mason3 kun oldin
  • 4:06 I have Pitbull Lab mixes too, there also black and white! Also the people that disliked are dogs

    🐶Abi Samoshibe🐺🐶Abi Samoshibe🐺3 kun oldin
  • when my mum's new boyfriend i hated moved in with us my cat took a shit in his shoe. would a dog have done the same??

    LukkilikkaLukkilikka4 kun oldin
  • Nah man if my dog doesn’t protect me that’s kinda whack. German Shepards are already more territorial and protective breeds though, and we got a German because they’re so easy to train.

    Q.L.Q.L.4 kun oldin
  • My little dog freaks out if unfamiliar people get near me odudksnds

    Samuel AmeighSamuel Ameigh4 kun oldin
  • I randomly thought of my child hood show......... Which is courage the cowardly dog lol

    KEVIN YT0091KEVIN YT00915 kun oldin
  • My dogs name is Smith and Wesson, I french kissed it like these people and blew my tongue off.

    Saltine McQueenSaltine McQueen6 kun oldin
  • I can’t focus on the video because Danny’s nose looks photoshopped on

    Natalie DiazNatalie Diaz7 kun oldin
  • Maybe the dog wasnt alarmed because dogs can smell fear? 🙄 Dogs can smell our emotions, im not even lying look it up.

    Piskelo10Piskelo107 kun oldin
  • Pitbulls were known to be amazing nanny dogs. They're loving, loyal and not your stereotypical fighting dog.

    DizzyDizzy7 kun oldin
  • 3:58 thats what dog does when sees anyone she doesn't know

    super epic gamer johnnysuper epic gamer johnny9 kun oldin
  • 6:49 Dogs tails wag when they get aggressive too.

    Scorpiiion DudeScorpiiion Dude11 kun oldin
  • I think the dogs are being paid

    Eri TheSqueakerEri TheSqueaker11 kun oldin
  • The people who made this documentary have no idea how dogs work lol

    Perle WitchPerle Witch11 kun oldin
  • Hey try this with a actual Guard dogs like a Shepherd instead of dogs that like to love people and won’t hurt anyone

    シRyderシRyder12 kun oldin
  • The dogs that have killed people don’t agree with that title 😂

    シRyderシRyder12 kun oldin
  • Pitbulls are big lovers and chihuahuas are demons. People got it wrong...

    Emma PierskallaEmma Pierskalla13 kun oldin
  • The guys behind the mike are just cats

    Stop Motion Studios - SMSStop Motion Studios - SMS14 kun oldin
  • You dogs are all the same, all flesh and no fury!

    Nils4601Nils460115 kun oldin
  • News flash: you have to train your dog to attack not expect them to.

    Yansea AugusmaYansea Augusma16 kun oldin
  • When a intruder broke into my house my red devil fish became his full form and banished him to hell.

    worm sizzlerworm sizzler16 kun oldin
  • Who loves peanut

    Idk What to put for my nameIdk What to put for my name16 kun oldin
  • This episode of the Danny show is A1. Prolly one my favs

    babygirl isisbabygirl isis17 kun oldin
  • Ok but labradors are breeds which have had their friendly and gentle nature honed over the years. They are a breed known to get others to help their owner rather then just runaway. Both big dogs they chose were at least lab mixes. Also, a warning to some people, a wagging tail does not always signify happiness!! It can mean that the dog is very stressed and anxious. Many abused dogs wag their tail when cornered and they bite to defend themselves out of fear. Please warn anyone you know to be careful when dealing with unknown dogs, especially children, as a wagging tail does not always mean they are happy and comfortable with the situation. Alot of breeds, even labs, are physically abused and left as strays, so please be careful and always call rescue groups when you see strays. They deserve to wag their tails out of happiness, not fear.

    Happy PuppyHappy Puppy18 kun oldin
    • Damn, this was very serious of me

      Happy PuppyHappy Puppy16 kun oldin
  • Once my bird saw me getting attacked by a old grandma so the only reasonable thing my bird did was press that life alert button on that old hag 👩‍🏭 #attendingherfuneral

    lemon bleachlemon bleach18 kun oldin
  • when a person tried to kill me, the newborn chicken i didnt know was in my eggs i was about to cook took out a taser and tased him wich made him fall and die.

    itssoo.raquelitssoo.raquel21 kun oldin
  • Listen i know this isn't the point of the video but I would kill people for frodo he is such a good brave boy he protected his momma

    Al AshlandAl Ashland21 kun oldin
  • *#CancelDogs*

    SindragozerSindragozer22 kun oldin
  • Not only is my dog a coward, but it also peed on my goldfish.

    SindragozerSindragozer22 kun oldin
  • Perry is a savage lmao

    Yellow liaYellow lia22 kun oldin
  • Wtf is a “guard dog expert”?

    Yellow liaYellow lia22 kun oldin
  • A robber broke in and my invisible parrot summoned a demon that shot the robber 68 times then the demon ate my ps4 before disappearing into my other pet black hole who was later eaten my my pet Void that trys to eat me every time I wake up

    MythicMasonYTMythicMasonYT23 kun oldin
  • Yup rabbit ate a guy trying to murder me and got a Nobel prize

    esuperdancer hesuperdancer h23 kun oldin
  • It’s not a dogs job to protect their human, it’s the other way around. Nice video btw.

    Taryn KhanduriTaryn Khanduri24 kun oldin
  • My dog will probably run up to him being all excited and all wanting to play lol

    Deaft_shotDeaft_shot24 kun oldin
  • it probably physically hurt you to tell your dog that they were useless in that skit.

    Sad McFlurrySad McFlurry25 kun oldin
  • 2:06 pinkeye Thats what its called pinkeye

    GeorgeGeorge25 kun oldin
  • Dog: want's to kill me cuz i haven't seen him in months Also dog: yea burgle that bitch of an owner

    birdmanbirdman26 kun oldin
  • Egg

    •Youngest Child••Youngest Child•26 kun oldin
  • n o my dog protected me against a stray cat by eating it because it bit me and my dog was small af

    The PeacekeeperThe Peacekeeper27 kun oldin
  • I would protect my dog

    JebbthecowJebbthecow27 kun oldin
  • I hate dogs as pets. But I do love dogs. Especially because they're much tastier than chicken. Of course I'm kidding! They don't taste even nearly as good as chicken!

    Kanad BhaumikKanad Bhaumik27 kun oldin
  • 7:22 no wonder they didn’t want kisses. Cuz they’re cold blooded murders who show no affection.

    CR1ST14N M4NZ0CR1ST14N M4NZ028 kun oldin
  • My dog is little and he almost killed my brother and my dog was only 1so amigine what were to happen if he lived to be 2😭

    Yamileth RicoYamileth Rico28 kun oldin
  • THey don't take into account that the dogs could me running to get help . . .

    Thomas SparlingThomas Sparling28 kun oldin
  • That's why you always get a dog that's a chihuahua or part chihuahua.

    Birch AnimationsBirch Animations29 kun oldin
  • Peanut is a queen. 👑

    Erin Last Name RedactedErin Last Name Redacted29 kun oldin
  • Peanut looks really like Laura...

    Eleanor ZeiglEleanor Zeigl29 kun oldin
  • Dogs are probably most effective through the door, like the barking is the scary part. As a burglar, I avoid houses with dogs. Jic. But if you ever meet an angry dog, just be sweet and excited towards it, most times they will be sweet and excited back.

    AngryDog GoodBoyAngryDog GoodBoyOy oldin
  • I like how Danny makes a video that's 3 minutes long into 9 minutes

    Bucket ._.Bucket ._.Oy oldin
  • yes pit bulls were bred to be aggressive, no that doesn't mean your pit mix that you've never trained to attack on command is going to make a good guard dog. pit bulls are surrendered to shelters more than any other dog breed bc ppl don't know how to handle them, even though they're just big goofy babies when socialized and trained properly. be glad your dog is gentle.

    shystarshystarOy oldin
  • Someone broke into my house and pushed me around and saw to see what people thought and my pet lizard took out the ak and shot him in the head with it’s perfect aim

    Alejandro MoralesAlejandro MoralesOy oldin
  • my house was almost broken into but bc my small shih tzu is an absolute mad woman the neighbors looked over and called the cops because she was barking so damn much and yeah basically she’s a guard dog

    DuskDuskOy oldin
  • OH MY GOD THATS MY UNCLE @ 4:00 HAHAHAHA am I living in a simulation

    Angela GreeneAngela GreeneOy oldin
  • My cat saved me from being murdered by raising my snake army from the ground and attacking them

    Gidget The GreatGidget The GreatOy oldin
  • The two dogs were just excited to see the intruder because they were playing. Their tails were wagging and they didn’t use their mouths

    Joe MamaJoe MamaOy oldin
  • "Pranking my dog" ** GONE WRONG** -Brooke Houts 😬

    Se SeSe SeOy oldin
  • When a man in all black came in to my house at 4:20 on a Wednesday morning, and my parakeet roasts the man so hard with his huge vocabulary and the man started crying I called the cops and he eventually ended up completely catatonic for the rest of his life

    MooseMooseOy oldin
  • Peanut is secretly a Sith and used force lightning... it’s always who you don’t expect

    Noam PelegNoam PelegOy oldin
  • Inside editions lisa guerrero should interview the dogs like she does with everyone else

    rc explorersrc explorersOy oldin
  • Ad before this video was for claritin; featuring Buddy, a dog who's owner is allergic to him. The owner has to take a pill to be around him and they're shaming Buddy for it on UZworld 😢

    Megan NewmanMegan NewmanOy oldin
  • I knew it

    JoelybeanJoelybeanOy oldin
  • When did drew get a dog

    The Trumpet Playing ManiacThe Trumpet Playing ManiacOy oldin
  • My dog does attack my mom used to hit me all the time when I was younger but I found my dog as a pup on the side of the street and raised him she hit me in front of him and he bit her hand and backed her into a corner and she had to go to the hospital basically if someone attacks me if he knows you or not he will tear you to shreds he's a pitbull border collie mix possibly with some lab

    squidly squidsquidly squidOy oldin
  • If my dog sees one of my family members getting hit by somebody then he jumps on them and bites the on the hair

    Memer DreamerMemer DreamerOy oldin
  • My friends dog saved his life after a guy broke into his house

    A_RealGodA_RealGodOy oldin
  • This exposure prank was clearly made by cats.

    GG BRANGG BRANOy oldin
  • True story- someone tried to break into my bedroom and my guinea pigs didn't do shit. How dare they?

    Rachel McDonoughRachel McDonoughOy oldin
  • dogs can sense when some shit is fake

    codezcodezOy oldin
  • Breaking news: Danny broke up with his dog.

    Sarah ScottSarah ScottOy oldin
  • Someone broke into my house so my dog levated turned into a fire god and burnt the intruder to death i then came home to a a pile of ash and a pile of shit in the corner

    KelurgusKelurgusOy oldin
  • my dog would lick the criminal

    Sophia DuzichSophia DuzichOy oldin
  • Pathetic these dogs are babies my turtle would never let this happen

    JG StudiosJG StudiosOy oldin
  • My imaginary animal would never

    Lawrence funnyLawrence funnyOy oldin
  • I think it's cause they don't sense the fear so this wouldn't work.

    Artzy FartzyArtzy FartzyOy oldin
  • "Can you believe she's part Pitbull" When will people learn it's not about the breed?

    Yung MikeYung MikeOy oldin
  • A chihuahua would be fighting until the end. Which would be swift.

  • My dog just looked me like "Is this guy serious? " and then she plopped her butt down like "wake me up when this is over " 😆

    Angelic JordanAngelic JordanOy oldin
  • My dad let's his dog lick him IN the mouth. Your glad you weren't there🤮

    mikkig 90mikkig 90Oy oldin
  • Dogs aren't natural protection, some dogs are good at and some aren't. Personality matters a lot.

    Briana CunninghamBriana CunninghamOy oldin
  • This feel like that movie where those 2 sisters gets adopted and they have a secret dog, and the dog saves the owner of this weird apartment thing

    MarieMarieOy oldin
  • I taught my dog to rip the head off of anyone dressed fully in black, it’s not because of robbers I just really hate emos

    MonikaMonikaOy oldin
  • When I was shopping at Walmart with my emotional support cat there was a robbery and my cat leaped out of my arms and kicked the robber in the face, then stealing a customer’s sandwich and throwing it at the robber like a ninja star

    MonikaMonikaOy oldin
  • WTF Perry?

    Triple DemzTriple DemzOy oldin
  • That video was made by a cat

    Adriana HerronAdriana HerronOy oldin

    Super7steveSuper7steveOy oldin
  • The end lmao

    Adam OAdam OOy oldin
  • adac

    Robyn DRobyn DOy oldin
  • The guys that made this video are idiots. If you want your dog to protect you from an intruder you gotta train them to do so. Most dogs learn that they can’t just attack everyone that enters the home, so obviously if someone breaks into your house your dog, who isn’t trained to stop a thief, won’t do anything other than bark or run away. (Sorry for bad English)

    Beasty 380Beasty 380Oy oldin
  • My dog would tear a huge freaking hole right Into his bed. And then hide in it. Then shit in it.

    Travis DeleeTravis DeleeOy oldin
  • Someone broke in my house but my hamster ran to Walmart in his car got a gun drove back and shot the intruder 234 times in the eyes my hamster got a 10,000 dollar reward but he spent it all on hamster food

    Devi . Bhima.Devi . Bhima.Oy oldin
    • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

      pretty Bpretty BOy oldin