BAD BOY - Official Music Video

27-Apr, 2019
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I am a TikTok bad boy.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on UZworld, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Hardin Scott joins youtube

    Phoebe BuffayPhoebe Buffay20 daqiqa oldin
  • i got this recommended out of nowhere i mean please tell me the video

    girl on the edgegirl on the edge11 soat oldin
  • fuck the dentist H E ' S A S C A R Y D U D E 0:50

    Goz? More like not goz.Goz? More like not goz.19 soat oldin
  • The fact he's doing all this in crocs makes everything 10x better

    Harmony HintonHarmony HintonKun oldin
  • My six year old self thinking I was cool :

    Sunset 曇り日没CloudySunset 曇り日没CloudyKun oldin
  • At 2:13 what is that in the window

    0-00-0Kun oldin
  • VOTE TRUMP 2020

    Corbijn VeerCorbijn VeerKun oldin
  • literally every single kid in my class.

    Shadow FireShadow FireKun oldin
  • 1:56

    MrOldPalMrOldPal2 kun oldin
  • piedepew???

    swingly boi beatsswingly boi beats2 kun oldin
  • Classic bad ass song. ☠️💀☠️💪

    Sheaka EisaSheaka Eisa3 kun oldin

    zipties121zipties1214 kun oldin
  • Every 6th grader in their "edgy" phase:

    Some OneSome One5 kun oldin
  • Master. PIECE

    Fire Fly GamingFire Fly Gaming5 kun oldin
  • I have listened to this song more times then I have I have the whole Hamilton sound track. … I have listened to the hole soundtrack over 13 times ;w;

    Fire Fly GamingFire Fly Gaming5 kun oldin
    • dude I'm getting close to listening to hamilton 22 times halp

      gameboycolorspgameboycolorsp5 kun oldin
  • Why is 1:10 ("please come change my diaper") actually cute tho!

    Muskaan KeniMuskaan Keni5 kun oldin
  • Rip milk 😔

    Este_ The_REste_ The_R6 kun oldin
  • Theory: what if this song is after "My Dad Is Rich" and his vampire dad went to get milk, but got into a gang fight, and never came back? THAT WOULD EXPLAIN WHY HE DISRESPECTS HIS DAD, AND HAS CALCIUM DEFIECIENCY. PLUS, HIS MOM IS A WITCH MARRIED TO HIS VAMPIRE DAD..AND HIS MOM KNOWS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED, AND IS UPSET AT DANNY CAUSE HE REMINDS HER OF HIM, he also seems to be very troubled, due to not having a father figure in his life, and after his dad passed in a gang fight, they lost the mansion??!?!?

    wakandawakanda6 kun oldin
  • The best thing about Danny's songs is when you haven't watched the video first you have no clue whatsoever what he's talking about and they sound even more ridicilous

    Звезделина БожиловаЗвезделина Божилова7 kun oldin
  • dude just bar for bar`d diaper and sniper. ong danny never lackin

    joseph bautistajoseph bautista7 kun oldin
  • Danny, a 25 year old: I skip classes and girls follow me home after school! Me: So this is the secret...

    Micah GuillemetteMicah Guillemette7 kun oldin
  • kinda bad tho

    p1nk cloudsp1nk clouds7 kun oldin
  • Me whose dad is a dentist and is super nice: uh.. 😶😶... Pardon?

    Christine FinkChristine Fink7 kun oldin
  • Guy

    Sheryl ReddamSheryl Reddam7 kun oldin
  • Billy eilish ;I'm a bad giy

    Sheryl ReddamSheryl Reddam7 kun oldin
  • Bitch this slaps

    Furios SauceFurios Sauce7 kun oldin
  • I had a bad day today, and I came back here...........I LOVE THIS DAY

    Blahblah BlahBlahblah Blah7 kun oldin
  • Imagine Danny as an actual E-boy or some sort of tik-tok boy.

    E. EstradaE. Estrada7 kun oldin
  • Boys trying to impress their crush in middle School

    I'm a dog named LunaI'm a dog named Luna8 kun oldin
  • Imagine seeing a random guy in the streets swearing at milk-

    Prioti PaulPrioti Paul8 kun oldin
  • im a bad boy cause im lisining to this in class

    jayden jonesjayden jones8 kun oldin
  • his music shouldn't be this good considering how ridiculous it is

    Zee AnonymousZee Anonymous9 kun oldin
  • this song is an actual bop

    Rosie StephensRosie Stephens9 kun oldin
  • I have a playlist on UZworld music called “Pencil sharpener/Greg army” with all his songs. @ me bitch

    Gage SierackiGage Sieracki10 kun oldin
  • sorry but, this song is literally jotaro kujo XD

    Kiki Wuvs TurtlesKiki Wuvs Turtles10 kun oldin
  • Badboyhalo's anthem.

    Nebula EUANebula EUA10 kun oldin
  • How do you not know how to get mad your a bad boy

    R MR M10 kun oldin
  • uh oh he gonna hurt me cause *He's Bad*

    Jeff AJeff A10 kun oldin
  • I remember this video

    Preeti PrasathPreeti Prasath10 kun oldin
  • from the perspective of a skater i LOVE the skating in this vid

    BemoreminecraftBemoreminecraft10 kun oldin
  • When is someone going to use this bop for a Jotaro Kujo fancam lol

    Dina BrandoDina Brando11 kun oldin
  • POV: the weird, bad kid in kindergarten is trying to get you to date him by listing all of his good qualities.

    BeeBee11 kun oldin
  • Me jaywalking: I'm running from the law now

    a random villagera random villager12 kun oldin
  • Dannny Gonzales music videos are like what Machine Gun Kelly’s rap videos actually sound/ look like

    Ryuk Is godRyuk Is god12 kun oldin
  • “And I dress in all black” Danny is an emo boy not a bad boy

    Katie KatieKatie Katie12 kun oldin
  • Damn stream this shit😂

    Katie KatieKatie Katie12 kun oldin
  • I’m such a bad boy irl tho. I sleep past my bedtime😎

    Boneless Doomy69Boneless Doomy6913 kun oldin
  • Did your bones get squishy from not drinking milk? Lol

    Arya NiriaArya Niria13 kun oldin
  • Can we stop and appreciate Danny's musical talent?

    Luke CLuke C14 kun oldin
  • You should make another song about troom troom. (Include the bunny)

    Froggies45 WeeeFroggies45 Weee14 kun oldin
  • As someone with insomnia I do indeed bad at taking naps

    Human PainHuman Pain14 kun oldin
  • 2:15 look in the door, WHAT IS THAT

    :Ayla - That's - Me::Ayla - That's - Me:15 kun oldin
  • Jotaro Kujo but he acts more of his age a little and a 7 year old

    Sailor ToonSailor Toon15 kun oldin
  • Imagine being the person driving by a guy flipping off a gallon of milk

    Rob CarlinRob Carlin15 kun oldin
  • i swear these are the funniest songs ever, the only songs that make me laugh outloud

    Mohawg 7Mohawg 715 kun oldin
  • Y’all I know this is old but can we respect the fact that he poured a mouthful of SOUR SKITTLES

    Gabrielle HarperGabrielle Harper16 kun oldin
  • Bitch I always been bad

    Joseph WalkerJoseph Walker16 kun oldin
  • 0:53 me

    Tanner WehmanenTanner Wehmanen16 kun oldin
  • dude hardest single of 2020 by far!!!! fuck the new lil uzi and gunna ima be bumpin thai cruising down hoover street

    Connor SharpeConnor Sharpe17 kun oldin
  • Why are the auto-generated subtitles Dutch? Or is it just mine?

    njinlover 2njinlover 217 kun oldin
  • Bad boy needs to chill and watch paw patrol

    MoosherSoosherMoosherSoosher18 kun oldin
  • So, we have spooky boy, guy, ho and man we also have *bad boy and bad guy* i think billie was confused by dannys amazing leaf hair disguise

    crickitcrickit18 kun oldin
  • I’m jamming to all his music back to back rn

    Gigi DelgaGigi Delga19 kun oldin
  • listening to this at 2x speed gives me such kicks

    Brie ParleyBrie Parley19 kun oldin
  • He doesn't respect his dad!? oh he's a frfr

    v gimme your mf shmoneyv gimme your mf shmoney19 kun oldin
  • Don't mind me just going to put this in my playlist

    SindySindy19 kun oldin
  • LOL

    Brian FurphyBrian Furphy19 kun oldin
  • jotaro kujo the song

    Quack ZogQuack Zog19 kun oldin
  • Teacher: okay so whats your gender Danny: male.... Teacher: then why did you put ‘bad boy’?

    Floor GangFloor Gang20 kun oldin
  • I think if you played the chorus of this for someone who'd never heard it they would think it's a serious song and that scares me.

    GgGg20 kun oldin
  • you remind me of ryan from the office

  • the skateboard part made me fuckin lAUGh

    byrnet downbyrnet down20 kun oldin
  • "I don't fuck with milk, got that calcium deficiency" best line

    CerysCerys20 kun oldin
  • bad guy bad ho bad man

    kinkfur is a cat in warriorskinkfur is a cat in warriors20 kun oldin
  • The people in the cars just watching this random dude flipping off a jug of milk in an abandoned parking lot

    BrennaBrenna20 kun oldin
  • all of the dislikes are the milk factories

    zoey davisonzoey davison21 kun oldin
  • “I’ll use karate if you’re acting rude” *hiya* “I’ll kick your butt if I don’t like your tone” *kachow*

    Evie KehoeEvie Kehoe21 kun oldin
  • This made me go rewatch Trevor Wallace's Kyle video

    Sally BradshawSally Bradshaw21 kun oldin
  • For all my weebs this is bakugou honestly.....

    the hunt familythe hunt family21 kun oldin
  • "Bad at tying my shoes so I got those velcro straps!" Thats so silly! *looks at my scretchy laces* Well thats just different.

    Art of SwordsArt of Swords21 kun oldin
  • This descriptives all the boys at my school and I think that makes it more funny!

    Katherine EgediKatherine Egedi22 kun oldin
  • Okay but why does this slap

    Danielle MamarilDanielle Mamaril22 kun oldin
  • i that you where spooky boy

    N - SPNKN - SPNK22 kun oldin
  • wait why is this literally me

    Ø DEATHØ DEATH23 kun oldin
  • That bridge is the same one in the original music video for Cradles!! Danny, you have to be one of my favorite youtubers!! I am always waiting for another one of your videos!! I want to see what would happen if there were ONLY dislikes, so if you read this, dislike it!! Yeah it's weird but who cares!

    Michelle SheetsMichelle Sheets23 kun oldin
    • Nothing happens when you dislike it

      Abby BouckAbby Bouck17 kun oldin
  • No one saw him eating glue

    Alifiyah HussainAlifiyah Hussain23 kun oldin
  • I am listening but through my really wide tie while drinking my Chocolate milk my pencil sharpener got taken from me so did my giant clip 😢 😔

    •Cloud’s PizzaParty••Cloud’s PizzaParty•23 kun oldin
  • I'm the baddest greg boy

    ruddikoruddiko24 kun oldin
  • dude this is in my music playlist for some reason just my youtube generated music playlist danny gonzalez's bad boy

    Mimmi SmithMimmi Smith25 kun oldin
  • This deserves 1 million likes fr

    Simply Maple.Simply Maple.25 kun oldin
  • imagen going to the store and seeing a grown man laying on the floor saying "change my diaper"

    Elise DeanElise Dean25 kun oldin
  • H redefined what a "bad boy" means 🤣

    Vrishin JaiswalVrishin Jaiswal25 kun oldin
  • I thought this was serious until "My mommy taken away mad toys"

    • Pacifa •• Pacifa •26 kun oldin
  • Uhhhh

    Piggy IsAtTheBarPiggy IsAtTheBar26 kun oldin
  • 0:06

    Lavender CloudsLavender Clouds26 kun oldin
  • He’s the best

    The Lady of LiteratureThe Lady of Literature27 kun oldin
  • calcium deficency lines FIRE THO!!

    ToddTodd27 kun oldin
  • He got sum maafocken flow

    Koza DziobitnaKoza Dziobitna28 kun oldin
  • when he kicked the wall.

    Daniel DonovanDaniel Donovan28 kun oldin
  • Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, that's all I have to say

    Nickolie O'NeilNickolie O'Neil28 kun oldin