Candy Ken (WARNING: Flashing Colors 1:12-1:25)

24-Apr, 2020
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PLEASE READ: There's a section from 1:12-1:25 that contains some pretty intense flashing colors. If you have photosensitive epilepsy please skip this section (don't worry you're not missing much it's just a bad music video about being a VSCO girl). Thanks to those that brought this to my attention and super sorry for not noticing this earlier.
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  • PLEASE READ: There's a section that contains some pretty intense flashing colors from 1:12-1:25. If you have photosensitive epilepsy please skip this section (don't worry you're not missing much it's just a bad music video about being a VSCO girl). Thanks to those that brought this to my attention and super sorry for not noticing this earlier.

    Danny GonzalezDanny Gonzalez5 oy oldin
    • That so considerate of you☺️

      vanessa ramseyvanessa ramsey16 kun oldin
    • @Not_Necessary You're right. It's death to our eyes and ears.

      Veronica MonroeVeronica Monroe2 oy oldin
    • Danny, if you haven't already, can you grant my wish and make a video about this UZworld channel *Niki and Gabi*? Their videos are ummm... hard to describe (especially their _Celebrity_ series) and I want you to check them out, please.

      Veronica MonroeVeronica Monroe2 oy oldin
    • @honeyxemi Greg is the name he calls his fans.

      Veronica MonroeVeronica Monroe2 oy oldin
    • @Satori Herring Why did you go through it if there was a warning

      Dad Of TwoDad Of Two2 oy oldin
  • I had a migraine by the end

    SnehSneh14 daqiqa oldin
  • What happened to the turtle

    New Moon OrganicsNew Moon OrganicsSoat oldin
  • the cameraman is on Minecraft speed potion

    WinfinityWinfinity5 soat oldin
  • Are we going to mention the anime girls behind candy ken?

    Brendan CongletonBrendan Congleton7 soat oldin
  • The fuck is that sksksksk THE FUCK

    mrmeep20 11mrmeep20 117 soat oldin
  • Lol the guy in the background at 10:47 smiling

    mrmeep20 11mrmeep20 117 soat oldin
  • This video made me laugh to much 😂

    Kyla Gaming126Kyla Gaming1268 soat oldin
  • i just want to say that at 1:14 that's a tortoise not a turtle lol

    Katie JollyKatie Jolly9 soat oldin
  • "I am pregarnanant!"

    Adrian RamdeenAdrian Ramdeen10 soat oldin
  • "hey guys my girlfriend is pricky-wack!"- Danny Gonzalez Apr 24 2020

    ron_weasley_simpron_weasley_simp10 soat oldin
  • I don’t know why you felt e need to post this

    Rose RxssRose Rxss11 soat oldin
  • Those videos are a genuine fever dream So glad we have Drew to commentate over it

    supsup11 soat oldin
  • The VSCO girl meme was never funny and you know it

    rommaronerommarone12 soat oldin
  • Why did you make me watch this

    Just a BruhJust a Bruh13 soat oldin
  • This scares me

    darkk 64darkk 6413 soat oldin
  • It’s my bally 😂

    Numismatics with ColbyNumismatics with Colby14 soat oldin
  • Why Does He Have Rem Posters

    Rohan KishibeRohan Kishibe14 soat oldin
  • 0:56 but like what is on her fingers tho

    Bridget KitchingBridget Kitching16 soat oldin
  • GUYS! Stop making fun of them! she’s brexit!

    Pepsi Max AddictPepsi Max Addict17 soat oldin
  • Candey Ken is the joker and the girl Harley Quinn

    Keshia WallaceKeshia Wallace18 soat oldin
  • she sounds like the „when will you learn that your actions have consequences“ kid

    Eliza CatiltonEliza Catilton19 soat oldin
  • guYs mY boNes ArE gEttIng squiShY

    Bakugo KatsukiBakugo KatsukiKun oldin
  • How me and my friends talk to each other 8:23

    KesualtyKesualtyKun oldin
  • So painful to watch

    shosholeo Ytshosholeo YtKun oldin
  • it looks like my little pony, jojo siwa,hello kitty and any other cringey crap had a baby and named it ken

    Alana EverettAlana EverettKun oldin
  • The dude in the back at 10:48

    Koyer PortelliKoyer PortelliKun oldin
  • i ned briansells

    I'm a turtle OR AM II'm a turtle OR AM IKun oldin
  • when I'm pricklinet imma do this to my boyfriend. Thanks candy ken

    Spicy Chick'inSpicy Chick'inKun oldin
  • I like how in the beginning of the video he says candy Dan and then immediately says candy ken

    Andrew NeriaAndrew NeriaKun oldin
  • 10:47 the guy there we barely see with no mask cringed so hard that he froze

    Lennox SiwaleLennox SiwaleKun oldin
  • Hey my brother has epilepsy he loved it so much hes doing the worm

    Stoofy GamingStoofy Gaming2 kun oldin
  • he is a troper for watching this hole thing

    James CardosiJames Cardosi2 kun oldin
  • Can baby have baby?

    H HH H2 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry Danny, I want watch this video. 6 minutes in and I just gave up.

    Azure SiniyAzure Siniy2 kun oldin
  • I am know scared for life I could have went 999999 decades without seeing a alive starburst

    Victor ValdezVictor Valdez2 kun oldin
  • 8:28 I feel really bad for the people who have to see them it's like a scientist starburst

    Victor ValdezVictor Valdez2 kun oldin
  • If I seen this guy on the streets I will run I'm not dealing with this starburst

    Victor ValdezVictor Valdez2 kun oldin
  • Perganante

    aNinetalesaNinetales2 kun oldin
  • he wasnt wearing pants when he dressed her 7:28

    Damion DEDamion DE2 kun oldin
  • Danny face looks disgusted every time baby j speaks. And, if i may, did ANYONE see the anime girls in the background?

    Hayden ParsonsHayden Parsons2 kun oldin
  • Yeah I think Mr. Candy has some problems up in da attic ya know.

    Blueberry Pomerainain GachaBlueberry Pomerainain Gacha2 kun oldin
  • I feel so sorry for their neighbors. It's likke middle of the day, they're trying to do some work and they just hear: *"I'M PREGANANT, I'M PREGNNT, I'M PRICKLENUT!"*

    SoopSoop2 kun oldin
  • XD

    Master chiefMaster chief2 kun oldin
  • *Im pretty sure everyone will get epilepsy from this video.*

    NesesprayNesespray2 kun oldin
  • Guys she’s pickle tent

    Jhona Lexie RoqueJhona Lexie Roque2 kun oldin
  • WTF

    SleepyFoxSleepyFox2 kun oldin
  • thanks danny. I wanna burn my eyes out and I’m exhausted but I can’t even go to sleep cuz then I’ll have nightmares. (no offense to ppl who like this)

    Sahana GovindSahana Govind2 kun oldin
  • I would like to thank Danny for warning us about flashing lights in the title, the description and in the pinned comment Thank you so much Danny

    DramaLlamaDog 83DramaLlamaDog 832 kun oldin
  • ok so she screams its my stalker pointing at that man being all crazy and hugging candy ken and she WAS pointing at him but it was actually an online stalker but is was actually just that app that keeps sponsering them???? 10:19-10:50

    Brady SchooffBrady Schooff2 kun oldin
  • She looks genuinely concerned when he puts the pregnancy test in her mouth

    insouled alexandrainsouled alexandra2 kun oldin
  • Damn those wall scrolls

    thelast braincellthelast braincell3 kun oldin
  • 3:53 worst acting

    Micailey Edriel MasindoMicailey Edriel Masindo3 kun oldin
  • “my bones are getting squishy” 🤣🤣 if you don’t get that you have to watch his scales video

    KidsReact! Reaction VideosKidsReact! Reaction Videos3 kun oldin
  • please tell me what drugs these are so then I can destroy them and save the planet

    jxjjg 09jxjjg 093 kun oldin
  • Its my beally oh your beally 3:54-3:56

    Brady SchooffBrady Schooff3 kun oldin
  • “what’s wrong with your bolly??”

    jell0 fr0ggjell0 fr0gg3 kun oldin
  • 8:21 is so funny

    Anything is PossibleAnything is Possible3 kun oldin
  • 6ix9ine but worse

    brothat'skindagaybrothat'skindagay3 kun oldin
  • The girls is so annoying

    Ellis RailtonEllis Railton3 kun oldin
  • that visco disco made me feel like I was on drugs

    Jimmy TimeJimmy Time3 kun oldin
  • The last time on sequence is like if you were flying through the clouds and then someone went into the cockpit and flashbanged you

    Graham ThielGraham Thiel3 kun oldin
  • If i saw them go around like that I would run away

    Felicia LindbergFelicia Lindberg3 kun oldin
  • I think the people who suffer most online are 4-7 year olds, who seem to be the intended audience of these types of "creators"

    Madenique van WykMadenique van Wyk3 kun oldin
  • This is the definition of "Are The Straights Okay?"

    •Hazardous Mess••Hazardous Mess•4 kun oldin
  • One things for sure She’s pregananant

    『 Aspen the Microwave 』『 Aspen the Microwave 』4 kun oldin
  • The color palette in all of these videos are like, rainbow skittles vomit or unicorn barf or mushroom hallucinations. It hurts so bad.....

    RhythmloidRhythmloid4 kun oldin
  • Yo I showed my brother the song and he loved it so much he started dancing on the floor! Edit: he’s dead

    RuralOspreyRuralOsprey4 kun oldin
  • At 10:50 there is just a random person having to witness their “stalker” scene 😂

    Nicole BNicole B4 kun oldin
  • Damn those flashy colors!

    06_Tugus Puspayoga06_Tugus Puspayoga4 kun oldin
  • okay i died at okay guys my girlfriends preggy wack

    Anna LauerAnna Lauer4 kun oldin
  • They sound like they are trying to be Miranda sings but also jojo siwa but they accidentally did an actual ton of acid

    Thxlia GrxceThxlia Grxce4 kun oldin
  • Guys she’s pregoregano

    Thxlia GrxceThxlia Grxce4 kun oldin
  • In one scene 10:14 it sounds like she called Ken homer as in Marge and Homer Simpson

    Waffles_Or_PancakesWaffles_Or_Pancakes4 kun oldin
  • She has the "i've officially lost my marbles!!' vibes. 🤬

    Hunter HowellHunter Howell4 kun oldin
  • I *know* she did not say sksksks out loud at 13:20 😭😭

    Tahiyat ChyTahiyat Chy4 kun oldin
  • No

    Greg the pandaGreg the panda5 kun oldin
  • She said "hurry up i have to pee boomer"...hope hes not an inappropriate age

    neko basuneko basu5 kun oldin
  • 🤢‼️

    neko basuneko basu5 kun oldin
  • you know quarantine has been going on too long when you think this video literally came out last year but then they mention rona

    Margaret RoseMargaret Rose5 kun oldin
  • The lolita anime girls are making me even more uncomfortable

    Gay CalculatorGay Calculator5 kun oldin
  • u know, I watched this the other night when I was feeling a little down about life. normally at the end pf the video I would be happy and back to normal. after I watched this, instead of just feeling a little blue, I now want to get my dads double barrel shotgun and blow ny head off.

    Call Me TaylorCall Me Taylor5 kun oldin
  • "ah-ah-AH-" **grammarly ad**

    ꧁ღ chloe ღ ꧂꧁ღ chloe ღ ꧂5 kun oldin
  • The visuals alone were just exhausting, then they start to speak and I feel like I have to go into hibernation to recover.

    Bella DicaxBella Dicax5 kun oldin
  • More like flash warning 24:7

    ? Izbert Animates ¿? Izbert Animates ¿5 kun oldin
  • He wasn’t lying.

    I SimpforkarenI Simpforkaren5 kun oldin
  • Candy ken: I swear I’ve never even done the kisses with her Also him in the Cisco disco song: grabs her by waist and starts dancing around

    BubblyyyBubblyyy5 kun oldin
  • So was the cameramen... drunk I-

    frying panfrying pan5 kun oldin
  • ArE YoU FrEaKIng CrazY

    file dum dumfile dum dum6 kun oldin
  • It deadass took me three tries to finish this video. I couldn’t do it at first.

    shenanigansTMshenanigansTM6 kun oldin
  • 5:03 lord forgive me for what I’m about to do

    DaMarineDaMarine6 kun oldin
  • his girlfriends sounds like a dying tampond

    bethany palmerbethany palmer6 kun oldin
  • Are we not gonna talk about wtf is on her hand at 0:57 😀

    Chai TeaChai Tea6 kun oldin
  • no one: danny:..... danny: hey guys my girlfriend is pricky wack

    Marcella RevillaMarcella Revilla6 kun oldin
  • I swear to god I heard her say “Homie” like Marge several times

    creepy kittycreepy kitty6 kun oldin
  • Candy Dan sounds better than Candy Ken edit: AN I OOP!

    Stella BourneStella Bourne6 kun oldin
  • *"my bones are getting squishy"* What a wise line.

    JurayJuray7 kun oldin
  • 1:12

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha7 kun oldin
  • yeah okay ned

    Addie HayesAddie Hayes7 kun oldin
  • *the disliked were from all of the people from a old mental hospital Candy ken used to live at*

    afia_productions_ :3afia_productions_ :37 kun oldin