Deeply Troubling WikiHow Articles (w/ Ryan Trahan)

15-Dek, 2018
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Well gang today we're taking another look at the disturbing side of wikihow. There's a lot to learn from these articles so feel free to take notes in a tiny notebook.
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Outro song:

  • Evry time danny talks Ryan: WHEEZE

    Gabe CollinsGabe Collins14 soat oldin
  • danny and rayn dont go together danny with drew and rayn with his friend

    ארז ורדיארז ורדיKun oldin
  • "How to act possessed" More like "How to act schizophrenic"

    Angela PerkinsAngela Perkins2 kun oldin
  • 14:14 the way ryan fell tho 😂😂

    Gia EpsGia Eps3 kun oldin
  • Ha ice powers go brrrrrrr

    Jacob ShireyJacob Shirey3 kun oldin
  • Hears danny say and get them exorcised my version YOUL NEVER GET MEE TO EXERCISE

    Julieanna HernandezJulieanna Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • How to act possessed: Simply get possessed, this especially works if you buy an ouija board, or other satanic shit

    I like to eat batteriesI like to eat batteries3 kun oldin
  • 8:25 he is fine guys dont worry

    jonathan nagarjonathan nagar5 kun oldin
  • 👹

    TheVernon8TheVernon85 kun oldin
  • when mom tells you to clean your room 14:14

    YanxorityYanxority6 kun oldin
  • I got my ice powers from becoming anemic and eating 5lbs of ice every day

    Heysauce MikehereHeysauce Mikehere6 kun oldin
  • This video is how I met ryan. Been following him ever since

    wrekclesswrekcless6 kun oldin
  • “Become Withdrawn quiet and defensive because if you are possessed you act the opposite of what you actually are!” Withdraw Quiet and Defensive people:time to act not possessed!

    Trainer ZoeTrainer Zoe7 kun oldin
  • Why are dannys cheeks so red

    I'm a dog named LunaI'm a dog named Luna8 kun oldin
  • How to summon a demon

    now insert meme herenow insert meme here8 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else here Laura in the background coughing and laughing

    Pog UniversityPog University9 kun oldin
  • 10:27 connor murphy and evan hansen

    wills last namewills last name9 kun oldin
  • 17:26 I don't know anything about Garlic day, but there is a Gilroy Garlic Festival, so maybe the writer was thinking of that and didn't remember what is was called? I don't know, that's a pretty local thing so probably not.

    Rainbow the wind sageRainbow the wind sage10 kun oldin
  • 2:27 Now I haven't read Snow Queen, but I did look up several plot summaries of it just to see how it compares to Frozen. It has snow bees in it. *SNOW BEES*. I feel like the article should teach the power of snow bees.

    Rainbow the wind sageRainbow the wind sage10 kun oldin
  • How to summon your stand oops this isnt wikihow

    voidingvoiding10 kun oldin
  • “ hiss at people when you walk by” me he used to do that in class when I got mad: 👁👄👁

    SnailkatSnailkat10 kun oldin
  • Ryan’s laugh is so hearty it makes me C:

    Annsofie ArtangAnnsofie Artang10 kun oldin
  • 12:32 when I wake up and realize i have school

    Ezra BridgerEzra Bridger12 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one that thinks that Ryan looks like a mix out of Charlie and Leo from "Bars and Melody" ? I can't be the only one... pls tell me it's not just me

    Ida BlakeIda Blake12 kun oldin
  • By the way this is a GENRE of wikihow, the "how to pretend you are [insert supernatural]" (liker mermaid and vampire)(and of course having ice powers and being possessed)

    lolnynylolnyny12 kun oldin
  • 6:23 wtf is wrong with wikihow art

    Andrea RupeAndrea Rupe13 kun oldin

    Blake 456789Blake 45678913 kun oldin
  • Dude if you want ice powers just throw ice at people it's that easy L I F E H A C K S

    Echød_ScreamsEchød_Screams13 kun oldin
  • “sudden change in personality” but they won’t think I’m possessed, they’ll just think that I’m having a good time and being social

    River hahahRiver hahah15 kun oldin
  • hehe

    timmy mctimtimmy mctim16 kun oldin
  • my favorite wikihow is “how to prepare for your tonsillectomy” and one of the steps is about mentally preparing and mourning your tonsils before you get them removed

    isaisa17 kun oldin
  • “Keep-“ Ad enters: “Fios Internet!”

    Maddie's WorldMaddie's World17 kun oldin
  • Awkward that Danny did this video before Ryan turned into a crazy christian

    Jenna MJenna M17 kun oldin
    • I was just thinking of that

      a yellow paper crowna yellow paper crown11 kun oldin
  • 0:03 this is some King Crimson shit over here

    simonsimon17 kun oldin
  • "everyone knows about ice and snow" me, a person from a country with no winter so basically I've never seen snow before : O_o yes, I do know about ice, I've seen it in freezers

    N3K0N3K018 kun oldin
  • This look's like Danny babysitting his little nephew.

    Peppa FoxPeppa Fox18 kun oldin
  • I always have a blank, exhausted look on my face. Am I possessed?!😱

    Cat WhispererCat Whisperer19 kun oldin
  • apparently garlic day is a real thing, on april 19th

    GaffyGaffy19 kun oldin
  • Happy Garlic day!

    Ava's tube!Ava's tube!20 kun oldin
  • He keeps coughing and such and I watched this in 2020, so until I looked at the upload date I was thoroughly spooked

    SuspenceSuspence22 kun oldin
  • Why does Ryan look like a combination of Rick Astley and GioFilms

    fish bloopfish bloop22 kun oldin
  • On the note of the ice powers one when I was like 8 or 9 I went through a phase where I looked up and researched how to get superpowers. It didn’t amount to anything

    Victoria DickenVictoria Dicken22 kun oldin
  • I guess I’m already possessed .-.

    Gigi MizukiGigi Mizuki22 kun oldin
  • Danny collabing with Ryan has the same but opposite energy of Danny and Drew collabing with Kurtis

    Christal CChristal C23 kun oldin
  • I liked how to become a sailor scout

    Adora IchigaAdora Ichiga24 kun oldin
  • The placement of that mic, tho

    Alexis ScarbroughAlexis Scarbrough25 kun oldin
  • The first two steps of the possession thing just sounds like the symptoms of depression tho

    LesbianageLesbianage26 kun oldin
  • Danny was slapped by legal 👊😔

    Brenna WallaceBrenna Wallace26 kun oldin
  • WHO SLAPPED DANNAAAYYY? Or is he having some kind of allergic reaction?

    I have 4 subs and I don't know whyI have 4 subs and I don't know why28 kun oldin
  • How to pretend to faint: get your blood drawn before the doctors find out you have an iron deficiency

    GigiGigi29 kun oldin
  • Is Danny’s face so red cuz he got slapped by legal?

    Sasha FilusSasha FilusOy oldin
  • Hans Christian Andersen didn't write the first article, Danny. He's been dead for 145 years.

    HappytownHappytownOy oldin
  • Hey, Belle Delphine made a new video!

    Allison VPAllison VPOy oldin
  • Today I learned Danny does not know what pneumonia is

    Vietnam GamerVietnam GamerOy oldin
  • How to cosplay as zuko: Step one: grab some matches

    Erina FrenchErina FrenchOy oldin
  • I genuinely do we of this stuff on a daily basis like hissing at people and laughing at the wall along with the facial expression

    Drew MylesDrew MylesOy oldin
  • Ryan really likes staring at danny for some reason

    Basor`s AviationBasor`s AviationOy oldin
    • Basor`s Aviation 5:44 He takes it up a level

      TigerheartTigerheart21 kun oldin
  • I want someone to look at me like Ryan looks at Danny

    Pepe SilviaPepe SilviaOy oldin

    Dev HopeDev HopeOy oldin
  • I rewatch this twice every year and I always laugh

    milk breadmilk breadOy oldin
  • I’m watching this in school

    XxMatcha BrowniexXXxMatcha BrowniexXOy oldin
  • more. of. these. videos!

    iAmKayleeniAmKayleenOy oldin
  • These are my two favorite UZworldrs

    Ben CaseBen CaseOy oldin
  • "Like they're not suggausting this" -Danny 5:44

    Holy LlamaHoly LlamaOy oldin
  • Let’s pretend like we don’t know that Ryan is fangirling

    ClobiClouddClobiClouddOy oldin
  • 0:05 the smile slowly draining from his face is saddening

    Jeweliana LukasikJeweliana LukasikOy oldin
  • “The witch said I’d lose my power if anyone ever found out!”

    Katherine LachcikKatherine LachcikOy oldin
  • as someone who has fainted in class before, fainting for even 10 seconds is enough to make teachers distressed enough to send you home so as long as it looks real enough

    katerina bkaterina bOy oldin
  • 11:34 Sit in in a chair facing the wall, and laugh to yourself. me: *already does that*

    Ananya MujooAnanya MujooOy oldin
  • The first step of the "how to get possessed" wikihow article was literally just telling you to get depression.

    Aishwarya JayaramanAishwarya JayaramanOy oldin
  • spspspspspspspspspspsp *:)*

    Lixeon SabersLixeon SabersOy oldin
    • Jajajaja igd stock givk was time

      Lixeon SabersLixeon SabersOy oldin
  • I once saw a wikihow article on how to be human

    Arianna SchickArianna SchickOy oldin
  • you made me pee my pants from laughing so hard what the fuck guys now i have to change my sheets

    Camille RehbeinCamille RehbeinOy oldin
  • You never fail to make me laugh but yea i almosted peed my pants

    『Froggyz』『Froggyz』Oy oldin
  • Ryan sounds like he has a permanent cold whenever he talks or laughs😂😂

    Anisha Dutta BaruahAnisha Dutta BaruahOy oldin
  • When you realize that Danny has literally no idea how long an inch is...

    Arnold PalmerArnold PalmerOy oldin
  • Danny drew and Ryan need a vid together

    Zz_MeMeGoD _zZZz_MeMeGoD _zZOy oldin
  • Random comment

    T NickiT NickiOy oldin
  • It looks like Danny got slapped before recording this

    blue pandablue pandaOy oldin
  • The cat pee does glow

    Exotic ButtersExotic ButtersOy oldin
  • yo danny... ryan was staring at in the beginning some type of way... he was like staring deep into your eyes...

    AlaynaAlaynaOy oldin
    • Alayna 5:42

      TigerheartTigerheart21 kun oldin
  • How to act possessed: have depression and bipolar tendencies and be a Supernatural Fan/Collected. 😂. So be meh✌️😘

    LegalLegalOy oldin
  • king danny and the ice touch curse

    ThisIsKFFThisIsKFFOy oldin
  • looking at the knew wiki how for how to act possesed one comment said "will this help me get a boyfriend" like wtf

    Anime GirlyAnime GirlyOy oldin
    • @Tigerheart I mean you right

      Anime GirlyAnime Girly20 kun oldin
    • Dumbkin Donuts Honestly at least one person is probably into that

      TigerheartTigerheart21 kun oldin
  • Tbh understanding ice would probably help your ice powers (if you somehow had ice powers)

    John WJohn WOy oldin
  • Danny : I wanna learn Für Elise! Every pianist ever : 😑

    Aalaya ReddyAalaya ReddyOy oldin
  • ryan looks like tom holland

    Andymm2011UwU oofAndymm2011UwU oofOy oldin
  • Danny has a Mr.Crocker nose

    Möre GastertronMöre GastertronOy oldin
  • I laughed so hard at this video I thought I was having a heart attack and an allergic reaction at the same time😂😭

    Ashley BeeAshley BeeOy oldin
  • ryan looks like danny little brother who learned everything he knows from the big bro

    astronautastronautOy oldin
  • Ok so, in highschool, you can pass an exam if you faint during it, so it's understandable why you'd wanna fake it (I learned this by legit fainting during a test, the room was very hot, I didn't eat all day, and I was on my period for a month straight)

    Harmony WoodHarmony WoodOy oldin
  • Danny looks like he got slapped by legal

    Alexander SerranoAlexander SerranoOy oldin

    Ligma JoeLigma JoeOy oldin
  • Why does Ryan look like he’s 5’ 7”?

    Move to my other channel plebMove to my other channel plebOy oldin
  • When I was in the third grade, I was in the girls bathroom with a group of friends and this one girl, Ophelia, started talking about how she couldn't wash her hands because she turned into a mermaid whenever she got wet so my best friend ran her fingers under the faucet and flicked them at her. She rain into one of the stalls, shut the door and said "Oh, not now!" so one of my friends peeked under the stall and confirmed that she still had legs.

    Isabella AndersonIsabella AndersonOy oldin
  • No need to dip your hands in cold water when you can just have iron deficiency B)

    Neon ParrotsNeon ParrotsOy oldin
    • I felt this in my soul 😂

      GigiGigiOy oldin
  • One time I walked in on a friend who was reading an article called how to pretend that you have OCD. Then he started cleaning everywhere, and as a person who has OCD I can confirm that he doesn't know what he was talking about.

    Ev NEv NOy oldin
  • 17:50 to 18:00 still makes me cry with laughter e v e r y time I wander on back to this video

    Ashley M.Ashley M.Oy oldin
  • My hands are naturally cold!

    Jaydon NixonJaydon NixonOy oldin
  • 12:45 "this AWERticle" 🤣

    Kiera Von ReedKiera Von ReedOy oldin