Help Let Me Go

20-Avg, 2019
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Help, let me go
Produced by Mantra

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  • dolphin man do kinda have that koichi pose ngl

    Lad LadLad Lad24 daqiqa oldin
  • Why don't you guys just let him go

    Lee AndrewLee Andrew4 soat oldin
  • this is a fucking BOP, prove me wrong

    BoopBoop7 soat oldin
  • I said to my friend that i have an imaginary girlfriend then he send this lmao

    Anthony 209Anthony 20910 soat oldin
  • This song is the cure for covid. Dont look it up.

  • Help. Let meEEeeee gooo

    R MR M10 soat oldin
  • Nice view count

    Jeff AJeff A11 soat oldin
  • I remember all those videos

    Preeti PrasathPreeti Prasath12 soat oldin
  • E

    Unfrosted Poptarts!Unfrosted Poptarts!19 soat oldin
    • Lmao sorry I just type e when I'm trying to see all my comments on a certain channel lol

      Unfrosted Poptarts!Unfrosted Poptarts!10 soat oldin
    • No no, they’ve got a point.

      Never gonna give you upNever gonna give you up11 soat oldin
  • I was singing this in the car lyric by lyric and my parents were Disappointed to say the least

    Biscuit PlushBiscuit Plush20 soat oldin
  • My teacher: 12 people died today also there's homework Me: *vibing to this song*

    frog dotcomfrog dotcom22 soat oldin
  • Friends: hey you have any song recommendations? Me: 😏😏😏

    Katie KatieKatie KatieKun oldin
  • This is what I vibe to at 2 in the morning

    StxrryNight GachaStxrryNight GachaKun oldin
  • But why would you save trump? Especially from an alien race lol.

    Jaxon HuntJaxon HuntKun oldin
  • Vibess

    fishyfishyKun oldin
  • Mann man

    Dino DanDino DanKun oldin
  • Damn this bitch slaps

    a random villagera random villagerKun oldin
  • mahmud rayn wants to married with u

    mytho funmytho funKun oldin
  • I just want you all to know this but to loop this on computer you can right click on the video and press loop instead of replaying it over and over, also for mobile devices you can make a playlist with this one video and loop the playlist so it’ll loop the one video. teehee

    AprilcotAprilcotKun oldin
  • I can't stop listening to this song

    Henry LechowichHenry Lechowich2 kun oldin
  • let me go

    RonaelEllieRonaelEllie2 kun oldin
  • harry styles needs to cover this 😔

    Lucy TowleLucy Towle2 kun oldin
  • Plot twist, this is actually a cry for help, and he's in a S P O O K Y mans basement making this

    The Italian SausageThe Italian Sausage2 kun oldin
  • this bangs

    ConvexsphereConvexsphere2 kun oldin
  • i was dancing to this on my bed and i swear my dog looked at me with the most jugdemental look ever

    pizza mozzarella rella rellapizza mozzarella rella rella2 kun oldin
  • it'll be quite a fright (jesus christ) Me: jesus christ is just jesus and crumbled up chicken nuggets

    :Ayla - That's - Me::Ayla - That's - Me:2 kun oldin
  • So trash

    debayan Chaudhuridebayan Chaudhuri3 kun oldin
    • Your opinion doesn't matter

      Luke. Yeah that's itLuke. Yeah that's it21 soat oldin

      Dark StormDark Storm2 kun oldin
  • I was just listening to Blonde Boyz and this was in my recommended. Two of my favorite songs-

    Isabella MayIsabella May3 kun oldin
  • I may be late but....Tik Tok don't you dare-

    H3alth_beanH3alth_bean3 kun oldin
  • I remember this song word by word

    plzhelpimdyingplzhelpimdying3 kun oldin
  • This is just so good omg

    Emily VeithEmily Veith3 kun oldin
  • This song is honestly really good the weird concept is just funny tbh

    DuckTrooperDuckTrooper3 kun oldin
  • "There'll be quite a fright-" "jesus christ" my favorite part

    Henry LechowichHenry Lechowich3 kun oldin
  • Didn't Danny upload this like, two weeks ago

    Jordan's ok a building random thingsJordan's ok a building random things3 kun oldin
  • with bangers like this he could get bigger then Pewds himself

    ImZachhImZachh3 kun oldin
  • I cant wait to tell my kid about this a few years later

    • (thing imma tell) hey listen to this song its a song about kidnapping and Donald trump

  • Banger of summer 2019

    FlyerFlyer4 kun oldin
  • I’m jamming to this on my pencil sharpener 🔥🔥🔥

    Froggies45 WeeeFroggies45 Weee4 kun oldin
  • This actually slaps a lil bit-

    ClowneryClownery4 kun oldin
  • Danny stop making fun of me I just want out of your basement.

    Elijah TaylorElijah Taylor4 kun oldin
  • D-class be like

    Love De KaminskiLove De Kaminski4 kun oldin
    • @Love De Kaminski I'm in D- class

      Luke. Yeah that's itLuke. Yeah that's it7 soat oldin
    • Why?

      Love De KaminskiLove De Kaminski13 soat oldin
    • I'm offended :(

      Luke. Yeah that's itLuke. Yeah that's it21 soat oldin
  • This was the good times

  • I don’t think this can get old for me, this is my 6th time watching this today and my 43rd time watching this ever

    Pink String05Pink String055 kun oldin
  • what do you listen to? it’s complicated

    SidebrandSidebrand5 kun oldin
  • I think it was best they left trump in space

    the last blenderthe last blender5 kun oldin
  • If you don’t do the dance during the chorus then we’re not friends

    PizzaFacePizzaFace5 kun oldin
  • What if this is the only proof humans existed?

    BlackJaguary theBlackJaguary the5 kun oldin
  • I love it 😻

    Eden ThrogmortonEden Throgmorton5 kun oldin
  • watermelon sugar debunked

    antoino limaantoino lima5 kun oldin
  • Help let me go is a good song

    chap x mosschap x moss5 kun oldin
  • if someone tries to kidnap you just start to sing this and dolphin man and scarlett johansson will come and murder the kidnapper

    KneadyKneady5 kun oldin
  • edit

    Kathryn AbelsKathryn Abels5 kun oldin
  • Jokes aside It's good

    Mirav VyasMirav Vyas6 kun oldin
  • I wish I didn't like this music but I swear I listen to it 10 times maybe more lmao, its just so good

    Steven OudieSteven Oudie6 kun oldin
  • These are some Toe Tappin’ Tunes

    shenanigansTMshenanigansTM6 kun oldin
  • i'm watching this at school and the chorus made me crack up and now everyone is looking at me.

    Muskaan KeniMuskaan Keni6 kun oldin
  • Ok dude I love this

    MishinoMishino6 kun oldin
  • Just found this guy, and this song is legit a banger that I now listen to multiple times a day. I love it dude do more crazy out there stuff like this!

    Cool Stuff PlaceCool Stuff Place6 kun oldin
  • This is my new favorite song ever

    Scotty BlimlineScotty Blimline6 kun oldin
  • 1:16 “Then she looked right at a necklace and became Scarlett Johansson” *chef’s kiss* Brings tears every time

    Juliet SanchezJuliet Sanchez6 kun oldin
  • The whole video is hilarious, but nothing got like “There’ll be quite a fright (Jesus Christ) if you run into him....”

    Reginald 89Reginald 896 kun oldin
  • help, lemme go

    msjmsj6 kun oldin
  • The first time i listened to this i put my phone down to do something and did the EXACT SAME dance you did during the chorus. Ig its a white person thing lmao

    just girly tingzjust girly tingz6 kun oldin
  • nobody : me walking In public: help let me go help let me go help let me go

  • *why is this so catchy*

    NoSleepNoSleep7 kun oldin
  • Hey did you remove this from Amazon Music? I wanna know because it won't show up.

    Addison TorresAddison Torres7 kun oldin
  • *_this is a copypasta now_*

    NamesJoeliNamesJoeli7 kun oldin
  • song so good that you don't realize the video is 480p

    MashUpArtMashUpArt7 kun oldin
  • When Overhual had Eri, Eri be like 0:47

    Izuku MidoryiaIzuku Midoryia7 kun oldin
    • Lmfao

      Luke. Yeah that's itLuke. Yeah that's it21 soat oldin
  • Dope. Really dope

    MiniCrewmateMiniCrewmate7 kun oldin
  • This is my favorite song that Fanny made

    Helena Hansen PadillaHelena Hansen Padilla7 kun oldin
  • This song is sooo good

    Ezman PlaysEzman Plays7 kun oldin
  • It’s hard sing this song because I burst into laughter every darn time 😂

    Amaru ChanAmaru Chan7 kun oldin
  • This song is like a wacky story I would write on google docs in 4th grade

    Austen Cox :DAusten Cox :D7 kun oldin
  • Spooky ho, kill Santa clause, and this one are my favorite songs of his 🥰

    Austen Cox :DAusten Cox :D7 kun oldin
  • Yes memes

    TayBabii NoneYaTayBabii NoneYa7 kun oldin
  • 0:33

    Oliver BennOliver Benn7 kun oldin
  • How’d you get like that? Every time I watch this, I do one push up 0:33

    DylanraptorDylanraptor8 kun oldin
  • He Was just a dolphin "turbo whistles"

    dada boodada boo8 kun oldin
  • 0:33 Me at 3:00 am.

    B BurnsideB Burnside8 kun oldin
  • When someone accidentally grabs a Karen's arm cause she's running away. 0:48

    overused mexicanoverused mexican8 kun oldin
  • Is it weird that most of Danny's songs are on my fever dream playlist?

    keziah mombosikeziah mombosi8 kun oldin
  • i saw the video again nvm

    Danny OteroDanny Otero8 kun oldin
  • wait why did he need dophine man in this

    Danny OteroDanny Otero8 kun oldin
  • My favorite part is “hear him screech at night” *AHHHHH* Bro Danny’s falsetto in fricking underrated and so pretty

    Zayna CZayna C8 kun oldin
  • this video is soooooooo funny! i can't not laughing

    CampbelleriaCampbelleria8 kun oldin
  • The dophin could probably defeat thanos but not 100%

    Shannon MeyerShannon Meyer8 kun oldin
  • P o g

    Abbie Hockley-JonesAbbie Hockley-Jones8 kun oldin
  • This is his catchiest song for sure

    Becca ColesBecca Coles8 kun oldin
  • Somehow the *Help Let Me Go Help* is really catchy.

    Trust DisorderTrust Disorder8 kun oldin
  • My phone is on 1% and I’m listening to this

    TimmyjimmybogangTimmyjimmybogang8 kun oldin
  • Did u now they put a disclaimer at the start of vid saying it’s for entertainment purposes

    Jeff The killerJeff The killer8 kun oldin
  • Hear me out, Imagine the human race completely disappeared and this was the only thing that was left.

    Violette ZayasViolette Zayas8 kun oldin
  • The greatest cross over doesn’t exis-

    MozHDMozHD8 kun oldin
  • Why is this so cachy

    Gachalife,spongebob and danganronpa FanGachalife,spongebob and danganronpa Fan8 kun oldin
  • That ‘hear him screech at night’ and the auto tuned scream is the best part of the whole song

    Zachary MintoZachary Minto8 kun oldin
  • Unironically one of the best songs ive heard

    Illustrator ///Illustrator ///8 kun oldin
  • No, I'm dolphin man!

    Brandon is coolBrandon is cool9 kun oldin
  • should've left that president in space

    lizardking jesse stans siolizardking jesse stans sio9 kun oldin
  • I come here when I’m sad, it’s the only thing that’ll convince me life is worth living

    Havanna AnitoniaHavanna Anitonia9 kun oldin