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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on UZworld, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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    Joaquin PadillaJoaquin Padilla40 daqiqa oldin
  • "how can we fix the music program?" well, the first thing you're going to need is a vampire dog who only eats red jell-o (I feel like I already commented this on this video before, sorry)

    shulamithbondshulamithbondSoat oldin
  • 10:08 I luv this song

    Mj MoonwalkerMj Moonwalker2 soat oldin

    Katya RogersKatya Rogers2 soat oldin
  • Anyone noticed the Journey Across Japan theme during the sponsor promo?

    Han SoloHan Solo3 soat oldin
  • While it may be a power move to wear your own face on a shirt, it’s more of a power move to win by making the audience sing your song.

    FaeMonarchFaeMonarch4 soat oldin
  • The ratatoïng shirt 🤣🤣🤣

    Frost and FlameFrost and Flame4 soat oldin
  • Watch minute men

    Konrad KruegerKonrad Krueger5 soat oldin
  • No wonder the schools airplane hangar is abandon. It is an underground hangar. I to enjoy launching planes into a stone wall.

    expert gamer9723expert gamer972311 soat oldin
  • 🏑 The principal is the bully golf pro from Happy Gilmore !

    Mary CookMary Cook12 soat oldin
  • “The lemonade machine in the basement is scheduled for removal to help fund this gymnasium” I’m sorry, what? How can a lemonade machine worth a hundred or so bucks help fund a gymnasium???

    Daniella FieldsDaniella Fields12 soat oldin
  • Was anyone else waiting for some sweet electric violin because that would have been dope

    Morgan ConnorMorgan Connor13 soat oldin
  • Bro you should watch “minutemen” or “hatching pete” those two were my favorites as a kid

    Alex BirchAlex Birch15 soat oldin
  • Ok. So. Am I the only one kind of peeved that the girl in the blue dress (her name's Mo? Idk) that realized she said that she plays the violin but when they were in the detention room, she was playing a bass?

    Keturah JacksonKeturah Jackson15 soat oldin
  • I hate you stop making videos.

    Jordyn DickeJordyn Dicke15 soat oldin
    • Dicke

      shulamithbondshulamithbondSoat oldin
  • "Question authority" ... Authority?

    Love NovelsLove Novels15 soat oldin

    nemo -nemo -15 soat oldin
  • this is one of the less worse disney movie i've ever seen. at least they took a little bit of risk with showing protest and authority questioning as something good/neutral, and that's actually awesome for being something directed towards pre teens

    Jesús PalmaJesús Palma16 soat oldin
  • For some reason the music teacher lady person reminds me of Trisha paytas

    『LateChìps』『LateChìps』18 soat oldin
  • okay but this was literally my childhood

    ihugmeselfihugmeself18 soat oldin
  • my school actually has a rave club and an abandoned airplane hangar in the basement... our basement has 3 sub-basements..

    arniepuncharniepunch19 soat oldin
  • I only care about this movie cause Hayley Kiyoko is in it

    its not a phase momits not a phase mom19 soat oldin
  • When ur clicking your pen and the whole class starts singing and dancing

    Bob DylanBob Dylan21 soat oldin
  • 9:00

    Kratosfan 30Kratosfan 3022 soat oldin
  • Like clap and slap

    MeMe23 soat oldin
  • M .. .

    John AdamsJohn AdamsKun oldin
  • the bannd thats what they get why would you do that there were trying to do there job

    nada momonada momoKun oldin
  • Its basically school of rock

    Colton DaudetColton DaudetKun oldin
  • Jeff

    Jeff ManJeff ManKun oldin
  • Okay did no one notice when Danny was that awful-at music guy he was wearing a ratatoing shirt

    Rain ShineRain ShineKun oldin
  • Danny you better tell me how to get my hands on one of those ratatöing t shirts

    Adam TogherAdam TogherKun oldin
  • 12:02 ... it's.... NOT A GUITAR

    MoonstuffMoonstuffKun oldin
  • wait i loved this when i was younger ie 5 years ago now it seems rly bad

    mia rosemia roseKun oldin
  • Heeelp let me go heeeelp- *no*

    Mr. PMr. PKun oldin

    Alexandrea FindleyAlexandrea FindleyKun oldin
  • Help, let me go

    Merry PelicanMerry PelicanKun oldin
  • the drummer was just so pretty...

    jeonghan supremacistjeonghan supremacistKun oldin
  • Oh my god, lesbian jesus

    Cheezy Films ProductionsCheezy Films ProductionsKun oldin
  • I laughed so hard an olive got lodged in my throat. Could you imagine... "How did she die?" "She choked on an olive. Also, when we entered her room a Danny Gonzalez video was playing on a loop."

    Channelle Labelle-ViensChannelle Labelle-ViensKun oldin
    • that would totally be the way i die 😂

      kermitkermit16 soat oldin
  • the music in this was lit ngl

    Ari HawkinsAri HawkinsKun oldin
  • 12:04 that’s a bAss

    omg youomg youKun oldin
  • Stella is definitely a hardcore feminist

    Matt DraperMatt DraperKun oldin
  • I love how the girl from the band was scarfing down pizza during the food fight. Lol.

    NeoPhantomYTNeoPhantomYTKun oldin
  • I want a lemonade so fucking bad right now

    cassandra sotoscassandra sotosKun oldin
  • "is she talking about the instrument she was holding? cause that's just a guitar" danny... that's a bass....

    C.L Was HereC.L Was HereKun oldin
  • Queen when you said imagine being so good of a band that everyone else sings your song for you : why thank you

    SophSophKun oldin
  • Coach caveman: rrrrrr *rrrrrrrrrr* *RRRRRR*

    SirenHead 101SirenHead 101Kun oldin
  • That lemonade has drugs in it. No doubt those kids were going through withdrawal

    Gray KGray KKun oldin
  • danny: is she talking about that guitar? Me: THATS A BASS

    It’s syphexIt’s syphexKun oldin
  • Damn, it’s been 2 months since I put this on my watch later playlist 😂

    Michael EngelmannMichael EngelmannKun oldin
  • That pizza looked HELLA good! All I've got rn are some pizza flavored goldfish crackers......grrr....

    MandibularMandibularKun oldin
  • Davie504 would be very angry Danny

    Georgy ZhukovGeorgy ZhukovKun oldin
  • also oh my god i never realized why the rain scene looked so weird that’s hilarious

    Charles FlukeCharles FlukeKun oldin
  • bisexual culture is being attracted to (almost) all of the main cast lmao

    Charles FlukeCharles FlukeKun oldin
  • 8:27 is anyone gonna talk about how that upright bass makes an electric bass sound lol

    Biggie TrevorBiggie TrevorKun oldin
  • it is godlike best disney movie ever

    SoontaSoontaKun oldin
  • That girl be dancing like tori on the tables

    Little FløŵerLittle FløŵerKun oldin
  • just so you know boys catcal women all the time, im 13 and i been catcald on 7 difrent oceisens. My friend (14) has been catcalld so much she dosent even cunt eny more.

    Eir FurbergEir FurbergKun oldin
  • I don’t think that Stella would have got in trouble for wearing that shirt when I was in middle school this one kid had a sausage party shirt and he was allowed to wear it lol 😂

    Sophia SchnurSophia SchnurKun oldin
  • I have a ask, how do you like a video twice?

    Nyaradzo DzimbaNyaradzo Dzimba2 kun oldin
  • Numpty I can’t read

    A guy With a lot of timeA guy With a lot of time2 kun oldin
  • noooooooooooo its a bass guitar :(

    Ruben ten CateRuben ten Cate2 kun oldin
  • A boy In my music class did they whistle to a teacher

    Cat emojiCat emoji2 kun oldin
  • This is the best video I've ever seen. I had to pick up my organs from laughing too hard. Fuck you for making my organs fall out but thank you for making me laughing that hard.

    JD EstradaJD Estrada2 kun oldin
  • OML IM DYING, I CANT TAKE IT!! This is officially the best content

    Mia BattagliaMia Battaglia2 kun oldin
  • ok but i cannot BELIEVE he missed the opportunity to mock Moe and Scott's relationship...

    Maggie VowellMaggie Vowell2 kun oldin
  • Wtaf is this

    20k No vids20k No vids2 kun oldin
  • This, High School Musical, and Camp Rock was what made me think High was gonna be great. Now I’m a 21 year old where my experience is eating and sleeping. 🙃 das it.

    Jesenia CooperJesenia Cooper2 kun oldin
  • Okay 👌

    GL0WY B0IGL0WY B0I2 kun oldin
  • The heavy metal

    No nameNo name2 kun oldin
  • Raise your hand if your school has a basement. yeah that’s what I thought

    Audrey AbramsAudrey Abrams2 kun oldin
  • Why does the rival band song kinda hit

    Truly GregTruly Greg2 kun oldin
  • XD

    Oldschool gamer and LoverOldschool gamer and Lover2 kun oldin
  • No show socks, no shoes and shorts, dude, come on.

    Johnny LottoJohnny Lotto2 kun oldin
  • No I'm lemonade mouth

    Royale MillieRoyale Millie3 kun oldin
  • H

    Rehan1900Rehan19003 kun oldin
  • 3:31 😂😂

    Nursema AydoganNursema Aydogan3 kun oldin
  • That’s no power move, that’s a chad move

    Enter_OUTCAST_ HereEnter_OUTCAST_ Here3 kun oldin
  • I could definitely see Danny make another video to this but it's my first first love

    Ayah AmiriAyah Amiri3 kun oldin
  • 4:10 didn't know RIFTY played soccer

    No Simp SahilNo Simp Sahil3 kun oldin
  • I love this movie 😊😊

    MyDumbAss _ LovesGayShitMyDumbAss _ LovesGayShit3 kun oldin
  • i spent an hour looking for that tik tok... ...and I still haven't found it :'(

    Element StudiosElement Studios3 kun oldin
  • K

    Gaming studiosGaming studios3 kun oldin
  • I love how he still makes his inside jokes of “my bones are squishy” from that mermaid movie he watched lol

    Happy Betta.StoriesHappy Betta.Stories3 kun oldin
  • it’s a bass danny...

    Huckleberry LachowHuckleberry Lachow3 kun oldin
  • The message of the moive is: Don't take kids lemonade or they'll kill you

    The Skull Family VlogsThe Skull Family Vlogs3 kun oldin
  • if this is in a high school just drop out then there is no point for this movie >:)

    yes _yes _4 kun oldin
  • 6:40 is that callmecarson?

    ??????????????????????4 kun oldin
  • hey danny phew phwew~

    Pepsi SenpaiPepsi Senpai4 kun oldin
  • You should watch Minor Detials.

    Cami UsajCami Usaj4 kun oldin
  • do any of u guys notice that hayley kiyokos name popped up at 1:35 O-o

    XxStarTheFurryxXXxStarTheFurryxX4 kun oldin
  • I watched this once. Kinda forgot about it.

    TTV DoTheFigTTV DoTheFig4 kun oldin
  • this will forever be one of the best disney channel movies

    Estee CaylenEstee Caylen4 kun oldin
  • This was my favorite movie as a kid and I completely forgot it existed

    Diarmuid CrowleyDiarmuid Crowley4 kun oldin
  • I promise if I ever meet you I can and will whistle and call you a broad as loud as possible

    The need For cronchThe need For cronch4 kun oldin
  • 5:35 funnily enough that’s exactly what the kids at my high school would applaud for.

    WarpedWarped4 kun oldin
  • u have nice carpet danny can i have it

    Impossible GirlImpossible Girl4 kun oldin
  • I’m lemonade mouth! *jumps back to when they were attacking the two guys* SO GIVE ME BACK MY FU$&ING LEMONADE MACHINE

    Krista AKrista A4 kun oldin

    Esidisi former alive Pillar manEsidisi former alive Pillar man5 kun oldin
  • Hey God bless anyone who takes the time to read this Give God praise for waking you up this Morning Jesus is returning and he wants a Relationship with anyone who is willing to let him in In John 6:37 he says All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. Receive Eternal Salvation by Faith in Jesus Christ. That he came to Die for the Sins of the World and Save the lost If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9 💖💖💖💖💖

    Serenity Chardonnày BonétSerenity Chardonnày Bonét5 kun oldin
    • Thank you for the wholesome comment kind stranger!

      OneFlamingPotatoOneFlamingPotato4 kun oldin