Instagram's Strangest "Magician"

24-May, 2019
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I've seen this magician and his friends all over Instagram lately and he's super weird, so you know your boy had to do a vid on him. Have a good time, have fun and be safe!
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  • My brother actually stabbed me in the eye when I was 3 and he was five because he was swinging around a Model plane with a sharp tip and I turned a round and it stabbed me

    Beef Jerky DollsBeef Jerky DollsKun oldin
  • 9:14 plot twist danny comes up from under the desk/chair and the figure remains in the curtains

    Vannah SkyVannah Sky2 kun oldin
  • Luca. . .

    I Want SleepI Want Sleep2 kun oldin
  • What friends

    ko0022ko00222 kun oldin
  • Gonna steal a bunch of eyeballs from random guys and shake the milk out of them Eye milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

    Sumedha VSumedha V3 kun oldin
  • My brother can ACTUALLY solve a rubiks cube behind his back without putting someone under a table... So yeah.

    Micah GuillemetteMicah Guillemette3 kun oldin
  • This is the birth of the Kurtis Connor magician beef.

    SAMSAM3 kun oldin

    ✨Apple Juice✨✨Apple Juice✨3 kun oldin
  • ok, I know that no one will see this, but last year my class was in the library and the phycology students decide to do magic tricks on us for some reason. In one three girls were talking but one went away, and you presumed she was doing her own trick and you didn't think about it, then they would put a counter under one of three cups and move it around and you had to guess where the counter was. They told you to check your shoulder, and it was there. They maneuvered the counter into their lap and their friend put it on my shoulder when I wasn't paying attention. Great trick, one of the best I've ever seen. Apart from lucag's I mean

    Poppy de LacyPoppy de Lacy4 kun oldin
  • In his why are girls like this post he acts like a "nice guy". Someone who thinks that they are older relationship just because they gave him a compliment once

    Sonic The Nicholas CageSonic The Nicholas Cage4 kun oldin
  • In the first one when he levitates you can see his sock under the jacket

    Carter FoustCarter Foust4 kun oldin
  • I guess I'm the only Greg who's Nigerian lol so I need to say 'Blood of Jesus' is a Nigerian thing.

    Jadesola AjaoJadesola Ajao5 kun oldin
  • 9:00 wow where dis he go!

    Jr AlmorJr Almor5 kun oldin
  • 10:44 I'd be pissed if someone just put a huge glob of ketchup on top of my fries

    Sparkle PrincessSparkle Princess5 kun oldin
  • For the first one I actually saw his foot behind his jacket

    Benji GoldsteinBenji Goldstein5 kun oldin
  • Ok so I know this video is like a year and a half old, and has like 11k comments so there's probably already one in here that says this, but in the UK we don't call towing companies generally if cars are parked on private property. Generally the only people how have tow trucks here are companies that provide car insurance. People parking on private property isn't a big problem in general, but if it is usually the owner of the private property will either put a boot on the car and charge the person to have it removed, or if the property is large and has this problem regularly they will hire someone to put parking tickets on people's cars. That's also why the guy is just wearing a high vis over jeans and a t-shirt (although that's a super common way for people to dress for loads of jobs here, like builders and people working at festivals). Also because it's not a ticket issued by the government you can totally bribe the dude, or just run the fuck away and assuming you get off the private property there's pretty much nothing they can do to enforce it, because it's usually enforced by them not letting you off the property until you pay it. And because it's all in a legal grey area, it's not illegal to bribe the guy, although if he gets caught taking bribes he will get fired. Also at these kind of jobs often you'll get given the high vis on the day, so it will just have been taken out of a box and could easily be new and look like it just came out of a the packaging because it did. So yeah, it's a pretty UK specific scenario, and it probably is fake because bad acting, but the whole thing is pretty plausible and most of the flaws in it pointed out by you in the video and other comments are not flaws, just weird English stuff. Please enjoy your unsolicited UK facts.

    Patrick AllenPatrick Allen6 kun oldin
  • LMAOOOOO someone made a compilation of you doing random shit out of context

    Lil KookyLil Kooky6 kun oldin
  • ah yes,my favourite beverage *eye milk*

    Paps The Skelly BoiPaps The Skelly Boi6 kun oldin
  • #truly Greg

    Football ProsFootball Pros6 kun oldin
  • Okay but all the comment section is making me ✨uncomfortable✨. Buuut real talk I felt my hands shaking as I read it and it was seriously making me nervous, I had to close my eyes and breathe for a few seconds. I dunno why this is making me so nervous. It’s not happened before that I can recall.

    lucid dreamerlucid dreamer7 kun oldin
  • He kinda just “ WEEEEE” into the da pool

    Erin BErin B8 kun oldin
  • He said eye milk to the point where I have to say this: creamer was used to imitate toys leaking out of his eye

    Quora_The_SithQuora_The_Sith8 kun oldin
  • “Luca ggallone”

    RandomSwedeRandomSwede8 kun oldin
  • this video came up fourth when i searched "drew gooden magician" need more proof that they're the same person?

    Andrei Cristi MogaAndrei Cristi Moga8 kun oldin
  • Some Monks actually already levitated but that's the thing, it's "only" like 3 inches off the ground, and only in deep trance and meditation. No one can just casually "fly".

    lolnynylolnyny9 kun oldin
    • No one can actually levitate bro

      Blue Jay JenBlue Jay Jen4 kun oldin
  • the magician said *midari*

    Tsuyu AsuiTsuyu Asui9 kun oldin
  • My name is Luca and I can do a amgic trick

    Luca BroggiLuca Broggi10 kun oldin
  • Doctorsango shouldn't watch nigerian horror movies.. it would break his mind

    dante hamarudante hamaru10 kun oldin
  • #trulygreg

    Nintendo PersonNintendo Person11 kun oldin
  • *EYE* *MILK*

    Lance The GamerLance The Gamer11 kun oldin
  • It must be so awkward to be in the McDonald's they're filming all these

    ヘルキャットヘルキャット12 kun oldin
  • I hate you he good Magician you just bad omg thank for 1 like 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤗🤗

    CJrock10 SaboyCJrock10 Saboy13 kun oldin
    • Thanks for the comments guys 🤯

      CJrock10 SaboyCJrock10 Saboy13 kun oldin
    • Yea he just a noob I would beat him at fortnite

      CJrock10 SaboyCJrock10 Saboy13 kun oldin
    • Hey I know right

      CJrock10 SaboyCJrock10 Saboy13 kun oldin
  • Chicken nugget: goes around someone’s head Dr Sango: “BLOOD OF JESUS!!!!!!!”

    EmeraldEyeBallEmeraldEyeBall13 kun oldin
  • 1:06 ONLY ONE LAUGHTER!!!!

    CarolineGoodBoi SadlerCarolineGoodBoi Sadler14 kun oldin

    Kareena NagpalKareena Nagpal14 kun oldin
  • 8:58 *DANNY WHERE DID YOU GO??!*

    Jean StarnesJean Starnes14 kun oldin
  • Hi Danny.

    Gunz/gamer and vlogsGunz/gamer and vlogs14 kun oldin
  • Our full name is Gregory... think about that

    Leylani HaoLeylani Hao15 kun oldin
  • that outro song is a bop

    p a i np a i n18 kun oldin
  • Apparently the “eye milk” is called aqueous humor, and it’s clear

    blue sansballblue sansball18 kun oldin
  • mk lets be honest. Danny is one of the best youtubers ever, he posts frequently and he just posts good content in general. Thank you for posting such amazing content! - greg

    i needa spice girli needa spice girl18 kun oldin
  • No joke i just got a weird ad of some bald mcdonalds guy named takki

    • LOLOLOL •• LOLOLOL •18 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who vibes to Danny’s end music

    Sean's Amazing BaseballSean's Amazing Baseball19 kun oldin
  • My dad is also a magician he disapeared and never came back

    Mary CamachoMary Camacho20 kun oldin
  • i feel bad for the employees of that mcdonoalds that gotta deal with his shit

    Alisa ErnstAlisa Ernst21 kun oldin
  • dannys outro is soooooooo gud

    Angel PlayAngel Play21 kun oldin
  • Maybe it was Luca g gallon e

    The beatsie boysThe beatsie boys22 kun oldin
  • A marker 6:31

    BridgetBridget22 kun oldin
  • Yeah that parking ticket thing made no sense.

    Sailor of the InternetSailor of the Internet22 kun oldin
  • Wait what did he mean by Curtis and drew?? There was only him and Curtis

    •Matcha Cream••Matcha Cream•22 kun oldin
  • Oh no Danny has disappeared 9:06

    koolaidsmankoolaidsman23 kun oldin
  • Magic isn't real anyway so don't think magicians can actually do friend still think magic is real and I'm lying to them and I'm crazy when they are the ones who are crazy.

    Alex HP2493Alex HP249323 kun oldin
  • 9:07 did anyone see where Danny went? I couldn't find him

    DrRamenoodleDrRamenoodle23 kun oldin
  • All of these UZworldrs always over Exaggerate their reactions. like if somebody did any of those to me, I'd just be like "Oh cool, how'd you do it?". That makes it so obvious to know it's fake.

    {MiniMochiChan}{MiniMochiChan}23 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: His “eye milk” trick was featured in a UZworld series for kids called “Junk Drawer Magic” about 2 years before he posted his video. Not saying he watches a magic series for kids, but...

    Kelly O’DeaKelly O’Dea23 kun oldin
    • ...why are they teaching kids to potentially blind themselves exactly? im worried

      Blued Sky ForeverBlued Sky Forever14 kun oldin
  • I feel like my nose is bleeding not like nose bleeds just from the thing above the bottom part of my nose

    TurtleTurtle24 kun oldin
  • Holy shit danny where'd you go 9:07

    Apex PredatorApex Predator25 kun oldin
  • As a speedcuber. The rubik's cube one makes me extremly triggered, not impressed. It's not even magic either. Just knowing how to solve the cube from a PROPER SCRAMBLE.

    PiNeApPlePiNeApPle25 kun oldin
  • Because your eye is made of milk, and full of milk, and is milk. XD AHHH LOL OMG

    Carly HillenCarly Hillen26 kun oldin
  • You hit four mil Danny daddy

    JJMDIAZ -JJMDIAZ -26 kun oldin
  • What's up Greg I hope your having a *Greg* day 😂😂

    SansSans28 kun oldin
  • 1:24 1:35

    Cloude ArtCloude Art28 kun oldin
  • Me being lactose intolerant and not having eyes

    Aubrey JacksonAubrey Jackson28 kun oldin
  • Girls are not like that 😂

    Rainbow CatTailRainbow CatTail28 kun oldin
  • Okay but like real talk: I wish my friends got that excited when I actually solve my Rubik’s cube in like under 2 minutes..

    Ashlin MarieAshlin Marie29 kun oldin
  • why does he look like an off-brand Tom Holland in his pfp?

    colecole29 kun oldin
  • you never told me to open my eyes again

    NatoNato29 kun oldin
  • In the UK you can technically get a parking ticket for parking on private parking

    Andy SunnucksAndy SunnucksOy oldin
  • Those shithead magicians are almost as bad as those insufferable douchebag vegans. Ugh. 🤮

    Heavy10mm _Heavy10mm _Oy oldin
  • I can confirm. As a woman, I always go to McDonald’s to hold up a single sign, and turn down everyone who wants to date us even though we have a single sign 🤪 You know, playing hard to get 😘

    Yinx Yonx • 19,345 years agoYinx Yonx • 19,345 years agoOy oldin
  • Luca is faker than the grammar in this comment

    Hope PapernackyHope PapernackyOy oldin
  • Its so dumb u can actually see his sock at 1:26 smh

    John Kramer Wide putinJohn Kramer Wide putinOy oldin
  • i looked it up|85.0.5675.85&param4=17|US||

    Suspicious BreadStickSuspicious BreadStickOy oldin
  • persian border nook

    Terror SquadTerror SquadOy oldin
  • ur grandmas a nook nook

    Terror SquadTerror SquadOy oldin
  • persian nook

    Terror SquadTerror SquadOy oldin
  • as dead

    Terror SquadTerror SquadOy oldin
  • nook

    Terror SquadTerror SquadOy oldin
  • Danny Gonzalez, 22, who was shot dead on Labor Day

    Terror SquadTerror SquadOy oldin
  • Ah, yes, getting stabbed in the eye by something barely sharp is enough to kill you in mere seconds... Can it?

    Heller TechHeller TechOy oldin
  • 1:30 why is that African guy SO upset?😂

    Justin CudneyJustin CudneyOy oldin
  • great drew gooden video

    Ben HavasyBen HavasyOy oldin
  • Turns out to be a magician u have to have at least 3 people/friends and ketchup

    Colin GrantColin GrantOy oldin
  • blad off G sause

    AJ of YesAJ of YesOy oldin
  • When Danny was in the magic phase, he was pulling colored pencils from his hat and saying "aUhAuhAUhaUhAuHAu"

    glitchy breadyglitchy breadyOy oldin
  • GREG *Removes R* : GEG *Puts G behind other G* : EGG "Perfect."

    Kawaii LunarKawaii LunarOy oldin
  • Ah Danny you are so right Im a girl I’m single and i carry around a single sight all the time

    SnowfoxSnowfoxOy oldin
  • poop tarts commercial poop tarts eye milk flavor!!! *buy know or dies*

    Lixeon SabersLixeon SabersOy oldin
  • is eye made of milk, or is milk full of eye?

    JoelybeanJoelybeanOy oldin
  • Yeah I’m Greg G:yummy R:eye E:milk G:

    ThatOneSquiddoThatOneSquiddoOy oldin
  • 8:40 "So l'm just gonna call him Jubetube" **proceeds to call him Jube**

    Ananya MujooAnanya MujooOy oldin
  • Has nobody noticed that in the first magic trick you can see his other leg. His shoe shows.

    Sarah ScottSarah ScottOy oldin
  • This video was just an excuse for Danny to make fun of Kurtis for giving up on his dream of becoming a magician

    Max FlowerMax FlowerOy oldin
  • I’m not first I’m not last And nobody asked 🙃

    Admin PlayzAdmin PlayzOy oldin
  • 50 pounds is probably less than just paying the ticket so I’d be so sus if he tried to give me 50 instead of taking a ticket

    Br MoBr MoOy oldin
  • Damn the rubiks cube dude broke the world record lol,that shows its even faker

    Pedront TeironPedront TeironOy oldin
  • 1 year late

    Banana_P0pc0rn69Banana_P0pc0rn69Oy oldin
  • GREG: G: gdont R: rtell E: eme G: gthis! D: dyou A: are a N: nliar! N: nblood Y: yof jesus

    Emma CarlsonEmma CarlsonOy oldin
  • I’m a Greg. G as in Greg, r as in reg, e as in eg, and g as in g

    Emma CarlsonEmma CarlsonOy oldin
  • Creamer i barely know her

    Yurio PlisetskyYurio PlisetskyOy oldin