Joker TikToks Stop Please

30-Iyn, 2020
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joker tinktonks gotta stop make them stop
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on UZworld, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Umm.. he made it seem scary sould I watch it? I'm asking the commits.

    mr_gamer 226mr_gamer 22621 daqiqa oldin
    • God plz spare my eyes if you guys say yes

      mr_gamer 226mr_gamer 22619 daqiqa oldin
  • 14:16 cracked me up

    transjimmytransjimmy45 daqiqa oldin
  • Can someone please explain the appeal of these? Like what aspect of this is it that's supposed to be enjoyable? Is it supposed to be impressive? Funny? Cool? What.

    hyndergogenhyndergogenSoat oldin
  • 1:18 this is the face my dad used to make me laugh as a kid

    Alice GershteinAlice Gershtein3 soat oldin
  • Danny: doesn't even mention the fact that these dudes are Indian because that's absolutely not the point. Comments: dont worry, Danny. WE'LL be the xenophobic ones. We'll be so xenophobic that Indian commenters will feel the need to apologize for something they had no need to apologize for.

    MeljusenrMeljusenr5 soat oldin
  • Fake. The real Joker says "I'm the Joker, baby!".

    Peacetime 420Peacetime 4206 soat oldin
  • Loved this sketch: 9:15

    MafiaArneMafiaArne7 soat oldin
  • Kill me

    efrebern dicoefrebern dico9 soat oldin
  • Jeez man chill my girl is on this app

    Max Is coolMax Is cool10 soat oldin
  • bruh why are the captions auto generated i worked on those.

    Leopard YeeterLeopard Yeeter12 soat oldin
  • Oh my god my brain hurts

    Rebecca EckmanRebecca Eckman13 soat oldin
  • Guys his bones are getting squishy.

    Call or DutyCall or Duty14 soat oldin
  • I don't get how their faces did not scare off the camera people

    24Mia Schobert24Mia Schobert16 soat oldin
  • Whyyyyyyyyyy

    Jenna JeffriesJenna Jeffries20 soat oldin
  • I can see Rizxarr in a super hero move

    Joker JJoker J21 soat oldin
  • 9:15 (i love this part way too much)

    Dylen FitzpatrickDylen Fitzpatrick22 soat oldin
  • Okay I made it to the end of Video, but Danny I want you to know I’ll never promise you anything again

    Surprised DumplingSurprised Dumpling22 soat oldin
  • all the indians are wannabe jokers but the real joker is this trend cause its a joke.

    ღ Kitty Kavryia ღღ Kitty Kavryia ღ23 soat oldin
  • 3:23 Dude his smooth skin filter is wayyyyyyyyy too strong.

    Spleens The CatSpleens The CatKun oldin
  • They should just stip the tik tok thing

    Ammar AmmarAmmar AmmarKun oldin
  • That fucking song that gets used for everything from weight loss tea to this shit.

    Johnny LottoJohnny LottoKun oldin
  • Me before waching the vidio : oh um ok Me after waching the vidio : kill me-

    CottěnFox UwUCottěnFox UwUKun oldin
  • I didn’t really have an opinion on TikTok being banned before since I hardly even knew what it was besides being the Amazon of cringe production, but now I’m all for TikTok being banned in the US.

    James BrincefieldJames BrincefieldKun oldin
  • I don’t really wish bad things upon anybody, but I would happily make an exception for these people.

    James BrincefieldJames BrincefieldKun oldin
  • raycon earbuds are shitty china mass produced grbage

    Luke SirrellLuke SirrellKun oldin
  • I am mentally tramatised thank you

    Yeet ForeverYeet ForeverKun oldin
  • This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen 😂😂😂

    Eli HaackEli HaackKun oldin
  • Ahaha the "Joker" is pooping himself and creaming his jeans at the same time.

    Lars BradyLars BradyKun oldin
  • The second one you showed us HAS to be satire. He looks constipated

    Lilaka OceanaLilaka OceanaKun oldin
  • Awesome Video Man!

    Jeffrey BrownJeffrey BrownKun oldin
  • They look like they are cramping themselves

    SunnyB 37SunnyB 37Kun oldin
  • I guess im not going to bed

    BukkettBukkettKun oldin
  • 2:08 made me laugh so hard

    wafflewaffleKun oldin
  • please do more with the joker face. im totally not traumatized.

    Toxic - WastelandToxic - WastelandKun oldin
  • Don’t click off the video But- Don’t click off the video Wait- Don’t click off the video! Huh- DONT CLICK OFF THE VIDEO!!! Fine 😑

    5K with out any Videos5K with out any VideosKun oldin
  • This is aggressively cringy

    i totally agree with youi totally agree with you2 kun oldin
  • my classmate got possesed by this dude he's 9 years old like me i guess we have more drama in my school.... so that means,more work for me to do in my storage!

    K!tten Doez!K!tten Doez!2 kun oldin
  • As an Indian .. I apologize for this shit😅

    Mehar SharmaMehar Sharma2 kun oldin
  • Let's just say I got itchy watching this.

    Alexi GomezAlexi Gomez2 kun oldin
  • Idk why Indians make these

    ricky ratricky rat2 kun oldin
  • If I thought my late Husband had *ever* made this face.. He wouldn't have been my Husband.

    Jessica OpalJessica Opal2 kun oldin
  • Yeah i hate them

    William DalyWilliam Daly2 kun oldin
  • me after watchnig 1st tiktok:Ok This is not going to go well Me after watch 2nd tiktok:*Hysterically Laughing I WOnt LeAVe ThE ViDEo

    Girono GiovannaGirono Giovanna2 kun oldin
  • Help. I am in pain. My eyes are burning.

    Merry PelicanMerry Pelican2 kun oldin
  • I saw that first video and now I have to go to therapy.....

    Anna RoseAnna Rose2 kun oldin
  • “Don’t click off the video.Promise?” Me: *inhale* ok- Danny:*shows clips* Me:I-er-I promised to stay.

    xXMoon EclipseXxxXMoon EclipseXx2 kun oldin
  • What's the music in the joker tik toks

    Are we still doing Halloween?Are we still doing Halloween?2 kun oldin
  • The second one sounds like he had a very satisfying poop

    Lucas WalduskyLucas Waldusky2 kun oldin
  • I tried making that face, then I got a migraine, thanks tiktok jokers

    AndrésitoAndrésito2 kun oldin
  • Jared Leto is like Mark Hammil compared to this dude

    a T-Rex on the interneta T-Rex on the internet2 kun oldin

    MarvelMazMarvelMaz2 kun oldin
  • Spy: “SEDUCE ME!” Scout: *joker face* “sex mode activated” *spy empties revolver into scout*

    Jeb TuckerJeb Tucker2 kun oldin
  • Oh man.. The cringe is real..

    TheBlackSpiralTheBlackSpiral2 kun oldin
  • When I laugh tik tok joker makes me laugh and it's super contagious.

    suicide gamingsuicide gaming2 kun oldin
  • He looks like a stroke victim

    Ct 7567Ct 75673 kun oldin
  • Yea that third clip looks like he's cosplaying Cathu'lathinduun, lord of satan's many wretched lands and the bane of all mortal men who once see even the smallest grain of his knowledge they go mad with what secrets they have learned of the universe and it's cosmic horrors

    KillerKinkstarKillerKinkstar3 kun oldin
  • When there was a contortionist the joker wasn't making him doing that they were doing a face off

    Wes HendonWes Hendon3 kun oldin

    Ryhan HaniffaRyhan Haniffa3 kun oldin
  • You have to find the stud (2x4) you can’t just screw It or nail it to the drywall they’re usually spaced every 16”

    Duffy UnknownDuffy Unknown3 kun oldin
  • Danny I didn't click off the video, but I'm confused and dying of laughter at the same time.

    Creative Corgi CreaftsCreative Corgi Creafts3 kun oldin
  • 1:49 kinda looks like me when i was about 2-3 years old shitting my self behind the sofa.

    evil art foxevil art fox3 kun oldin
  • Looks less like the Joker more like a Jim Carrey far he'd pull in a sequel to Ace Ventura or something

    SparxxinctSparxxinct3 kun oldin
  • Looks more like Guy Faux

    Carl SmithCarl Smith3 kun oldin
  • 1:50 looks like he’s taking a shit

    LuhverrzLuhverrz3 kun oldin
  • Idk why, but the first clip made me laugh so hard,m My mom asked if I was ok🤣

    Tersit GetachewTersit Getachew3 kun oldin
  • They actually think that its looks like the joker, Whats worse is that they think that they are huge fans of him.

    Edith UriEdith Uri3 kun oldin
  • He did it better at 5:32

    Tokii :3Tokii :34 kun oldin
  • I’m not an Indian but for some reason I used to get some Indian TikTok and at that time when I could download and use TikTok, I was no where near India, I can say me and my friends cringed hard I’m not hating, it’s just cringe worthy

    A name that you can’t sayA name that you can’t say4 kun oldin
  • Who thought the face would be a good idea?...

    ettaetta4 kun oldin
  • The Joker thing is so bad that if you were to replace it with sock puppet I bet no one would even notice 😎(roasted

    Muhammed SohanMuhammed Sohan4 kun oldin
  • The thing I love about Danny is that unlike other commentary channels, he tries to understand the logic and tries to comprehend the meaning of the videos even if it is *COMPLETE BULLSHIT*

    VirajViraj4 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry I had to stop watching it’s too much for me I think I’m already having nightmares as I’m typing this I’m having nightmares

    it’s just zoeit’s just zoe4 kun oldin
  • That's the face you make after eating taco bell for dinner

    angelicaangelica4 kun oldin
  • I’m glad I’m not in hs for tiktok cause my hs boyfriend would’ve been obsessed with this and I’d’ve had to bounce right then....

    Chels CaraChels Cara4 kun oldin
  • This is the only one of Dannys videos ever that I had to stop in the middle, cringe was just too hard. Wish me luck fellow Gregs, I'm trying again!

    No eihän siinäNo eihän siinä4 kun oldin
  • so you totally didn't just cripple my eyes forever :')

    Mira SenMira Sen4 kun oldin
  • collab with jojospotlight.

    Eman FatimaEman Fatima4 kun oldin
  • I think the origin of these tiktoks is these guys found out they could do weird faces and used tiktok as an excuse to do it more.

    Dim 2Dim 24 kun oldin
  • I’ve seen the fact this dudes an Indian but wtf is the lore behind it lolol? Like.... was this a meme out there prior ? Or a movie ? I guess I’m hungry for the cultural reference... but all in all this was unnerving as fuck lolol

    SweetSkatinMatSweetSkatinMat4 kun oldin
  • They all look like there trying to poop

    Chico the TusoChico the Tuso4 kun oldin
  • He's the jokah baby

    Luke LanidesLuke Lanides4 kun oldin
  • I just see Willem Dafoe in Spiderman.

    Mr. BabadookMr. Babadook4 kun oldin
  • At 10:07 i honestly thought that face looked like the ex-boyfriend was trying to hit on the new boyfriend with that face (he looks like he’s trying to be suave but failing) 🤣 🤣

    Miraculous: Tales of ObliviousnessMiraculous: Tales of Obliviousness4 kun oldin
  • I learnt something in this video _c r a c k y o u r b o n e s t o l o o k c o o l_

    Glitter Magic 0909Glitter Magic 09094 kun oldin
  • I've been watching your videos since 6th grade and they've continued to make me piss my pants laughing to this day. Thank you.

    TamanegiTamanegi4 kun oldin
  • I think....I think I'm dumber now...

    Aaron WandlerAaron Wandler4 kun oldin
  • Im not as much unconfrtoble than lm creeped out and vierded out

    Kate JekabsoneKate Jekabsone4 kun oldin
  • At 11:48 the video just paused and refused to play for a full minute of clicking the button. Even the video didn't want to see any more 😂

    AparajitaAparajita4 kun oldin
  • “His little face..”

    Alexa MandesAlexa Mandes4 kun oldin
  • People: Jared Leto is the worst Joker Me, an intellectual:

    LVBBoiLVBBoi4 kun oldin
  • Nobody: @rizxtarr and @faraaz_zs:😌

    Emil NielsenEmil Nielsen4 kun oldin
  • I truly do not understand why they're supposed to be the Joker? Like, are they saying that's what they're doing? lmao because wtf does that face have to do with the Joker?

    Annalisa ZucchiAnnalisa Zucchi5 kun oldin
  • He looks the twilight side of tiktok

    holly stirewaltholly stirewalt5 kun oldin
  • i don’t understand how this joker thing is supposed to be remotely entertaining

    ナカナカナカナカ5 kun oldin
  • YEP Dock YEP Hole YEP Doll

    anton tompelanton tompel5 kun oldin
  • They might just need a bit holy water just a bit cuase ya know they hero's so they ain't bad.... Right?.. Oh btw Danny I congratulate you on you Joker face attempt!!

    Alrighty HattinghAlrighty Hattingh5 kun oldin
  • Literally never heard of this channel, shit is hilarious.

    Michael DavisMichael Davis5 kun oldin
  • Danny:you have to promise not to click off the video Me: *I am a free man I do not make promises*

    Minion the Banana lordMinion the Banana lord5 kun oldin
  • I think the bone cracking is just part of the tiktok sound. Happens to be right before the drop.

    Dragon GamesDragon Games5 kun oldin
  • Why do these people exist?

    Soviet SpartanSoviet Spartan5 kun oldin
    • They just look like weird versions of that momo thing

      Soviet SpartanSoviet Spartan5 kun oldin
    • I mean he doesn’t even look like the joker

      Soviet SpartanSoviet Spartan5 kun oldin