Memes That My Older Relatives Post On Facebook

27-Yan, 2020
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  • Boomers: We had THE BEST childhood! The world was so much better when we were kids! Gen Z: Our childhoods were kinda fucked. The world we grew up in is especially cruel and the planet is dying. Boomers: When I was your age, I had it so much worse! Damn youngins always complaining...

    Willow TNGWillow TNG2 soat oldin
  • I'm 27, yet have done/do half of that "I'm so old" list. And yeah, the 50s did have soda fountains; they call to mind another kind of fountain - you know, the ones that some people were literally legally banned from using, unless the right sign was on it. Those signs turned fulfilling a basic need into a dehumanizing, humiliating act - either bite the racist bullet or dehydrate. Nostalgia is a thing, but so was segregation. Sorry for the rant, but you can't just glaze over bigotry.

    Riley DragoncrowRiley Dragoncrow12 soat oldin
  • i like how since i have night mode on my phone it says "good morning, it is 7:32 pm"

    Mila OyamaMila Oyama16 soat oldin
  • finally , a scared owl and not a threatening one like the duolingual one

    catastrophecatastrophe17 soat oldin

    Spleens The CatSpleens The Cat18 soat oldin
  • Danny=Drew

    Figueroa FamilyFigueroa Family20 soat oldin
  • this comment had been censored for your safety my mom saw this one meme on facebook, “I don’t like wearing a mask, it hides my resting b**ch face and now people think i’m approachable.” she thought that was the funniest s**t ever

    Charli M.Charli M.Kun oldin
  • what i wanna know is who MAKES the boomer memes?? is it some old person with rudimentary photoshop skills? are there old people who make memes?? or is it some young person who is just fucking with them for likes for some fucking reason?? is it ironic?? the people who share those memes don’t seem AT ALL the type to actually make memes

    benniebennieKun oldin
  • Every scene in his videos makes me laugh, but 6:07 just hit *different...*

    10k10kKun oldin
  • I'm not only a gamer im a ebic gamer

    Ebic GamerEbic GamerKun oldin
  • The thing about generations is that some things were better and others were not. No generation really is better.

    Cosette MenardCosette MenardKun oldin
  • he’s vampire level pale

    weeskle2weeskle22 kun oldin
    • That's because of his dad.... his vampire dad

      Angelica SchylerAngelica Schyler21 soat oldin
  • I genuinely DON’T KNOW if nutcracker guy is it Lilly’s garden or not. The internet is a fucking hole.

    Jo StewartJo Stewart2 kun oldin
  • wersmeililnudcrakagai

    KiwuKiwu3 kun oldin
  • Didn’t watch the video, but yes

    Andy SchwartzAndy Schwartz3 kun oldin
  • My uncle is 68 and when another old person complains about kids these days he says "shut up boomer"

    Emma RoseEmma Rose3 kun oldin

    Krapeyama KingKrapeyama King4 kun oldin

    SAMSAM4 kun oldin
  • I want Mike on a bike

    NychteriaNychteria5 kun oldin
  • Boomer humor: I hate my wife Millennial Humor: I hate my life Gen Z humor: Gæÿ Çheëse

    GamerBoyHHQ 2000GamerBoyHHQ 20007 kun oldin
  • W E L C O M E T O T H E U P D A D E C O R N E R

    Stella BourneStella Bourne7 kun oldin
  • My grandpa was born in the 30s and always brags about how we could never survive in the era he grew up in

    AddiAddi7 kun oldin
    • he doesn't brag about it being the best he openly hated his era he's just happy he survived and he knows we couldnt

      AddiAddi7 kun oldin

    Wii RemoteWii Remote7 kun oldin
  • Danny: I think that everyone thinks that their youth was great, that it was the best time to be alive Gen Zers: I don’t even want to *be* alive

    Q.L.Q.L.7 kun oldin
  • danny got drip doe 🥵🥵🥵🥶🥶🥶😤😤😤😳😳🥰🥰😻😻

    i exist, i am truly sorry abt thati exist, i am truly sorry abt that8 kun oldin
  • So the video ends and it sounds like he's you make me want to shit lol. 15:44

    James LedfordJames Ledford8 kun oldin
  • Lol the funniest thing about a lot of these boomer memes is that I’ve literally seen em being posted by people who aren’t even that old (20s-30s)....T Like damn son, boomers gonna boom but what’s ur excuse??? 🤔🤨😆

    badfeministbadfeminist8 kun oldin
  • Sorry, when he was talking about the news/grilling one he started sounding like Bernie Sanders and I think it fit perfectly.

    Ava BerrymanAva Berryman9 kun oldin
  • 4:03 a few select *r e l a t i v e*

    bluebutterfliessbluebutterfliess10 kun oldin
  • 12:58 socialism is when no grill 😡

    tobytoby10 kun oldin
  • Another thing that the they think is the best about their time line is living on the edge of nukelur extension

    that one boi e ethat one boi e e10 kun oldin
  • i wish i were a boomer

    Brantley HowardBrantley Howard10 kun oldin
  • his inner white guy popped out for a second with the little war corner

    Nida NaeemNida Naeem11 kun oldin
  • I eat it.

    lemonKATplayzlemonKATplayz11 kun oldin
  • bro literally just get a chair. save ur knees.

    Dead girls dont lie Theyre also dead soDead girls dont lie Theyre also dead so12 kun oldin
  • Now THIS is relatable content

    Maverick LanzerottiMaverick Lanzerotti12 kun oldin
  • I posted this link on Facebook to start a war. Now I wait.

    SkippySkippy12 kun oldin
  • I saw danny's new video of him remodeling his office on his second channel which was uploaded like just rn and then i started this video and he introduced his old office in this video so it felt like time travelling

    blurry faceblurry face12 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: the owners call there dog ugly then the dogs posts their photo and put captions on it

    Zesty westyZesty westy13 kun oldin
  • My grandpa LOVES using Google Translate for girls' posts on Facebook. He translates them into all sorts of shit; translating his mutual friends' names to crack some sort of code, and creating insults and "phrases" which are probably not even correct since it's Google Translate. He posts them with so much confidence too, and he tells me about them. He's the main reason my fake laugh is pretty believable, tbh.

    WaffleWaffle14 kun oldin
  • Ok I'ma go play video games now because I'm bored. 🧀

    Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • I feel like doing something. 🧀

    Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • H3ll9, 8f 697 çàñ 43àd 5h8ß, 5h3ñ g99d f94 697. Ñ92 g9 d9 ß9m35h8ñg àç57àll6 7ß3f7l. 🧀

    Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • I like tofndodhdowjxfjednrorml kcejee fiek

    Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • *Cheese*

    Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • I don't know what I'm doing here. 🧀

    Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • 🧀

    Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • Can these even be classified as memes? 🧀

    Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • Hello I like cheese. 🧀

    Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • Danny’s depressed old dog face is so accurate

    GalacticGalactic16 kun oldin
    • *B a n a n a*

      Mr. QuackersMr. Quackers15 kun oldin
  • Your beef with people is so random lol

    GabrielaGabriela16 kun oldin
  • There are still drive-ins my dude. I saw the new Lion King there

    Alorya ModAlorya Mod16 kun oldin
  • R/comedy cemetery

    Aleks DrokinAleks Drokin16 kun oldin
  • You, Kurtis, and Drew are the fucking best, bro. Love every video you guys have posted. 😘

    Crystal NewmanCrystal Newman17 kun oldin
  • I lost it at “the war corner”

    Merve ÇelikMerve Çelik18 kun oldin
  • people are like "my generation was the best!!! best time!!" like no you dont miss your generation you miss being a happy kid

    Pink LasagnaPink Lasagna18 kun oldin
  • G

    Why Am IWhy Am I19 kun oldin
  • E

    Why Am IWhy Am I19 kun oldin
  • R

    Why Am IWhy Am I19 kun oldin
  • R

    Why Am IWhy Am I19 kun oldin
  • G

    Why Am IWhy Am I19 kun oldin
  • I was born in 2001 am gen z and even I grew up watching Popeye, why do they think people nowadays don't know who that is??

    SafeRoundHouseSafeRoundHouse20 kun oldin
  • Wow my relatives are nothing like that- they just don't talk to each other ever

    Raphael TaylorRaphael Taylor20 kun oldin
  • Who spends all day holding a piñata stick?

    Joe PickfordJoe Pickford21 kun oldin
  • Poor dog so sad

    Gladys GonzalesGladys Gonzales21 kun oldin
  • Boomer humor: I hate my wife Millennial humor: I hate my life Gen z humor: Büttęrkñìfē

    Moldy FirefliesMoldy Fireflies21 kun oldin
  • Boomers are like that because they know their generation was handed the world on a silver platter and they fucked everything up.

    Justin WatsonJustin Watson22 kun oldin
  • Boomer humour: I hate my wife Millennial humour: I hate my life Gen z humour: danny with inhaler go brrrr

    Cursed ClawsCursed Claws23 kun oldin

    EliEli23 kun oldin
  • sorry danny idk where ur gamers are at. tell me.

    BrynnLovesHamiltonBrynnLovesHamilton23 kun oldin
  • when you realise he posted this on a monday 11:14

    BrynnLovesHamiltonBrynnLovesHamilton23 kun oldin
  • I thought Happy Days aired in the '70s and was *about* the '50s

    David WildsDavid Wilds24 kun oldin
  • I just want to say a huge thank you to you Danny. You always make me laugh, and I’ve been crying for the past thirty minutes remembering my cats who died, and it may seem like a small cause, but those cats meant a lot to me, and this cheered me up so much so a HUGE thank you Danny.

    JOI RINGJOI RING24 kun oldin
  • 12:30 oh shit. I've done all of those things too... guess I'm old now.

    Kristian GenslerKristian Gensler24 kun oldin
  • This has big My Brother, My Brother and Me “Minion Quotes” energy

    Amanda IronsAmanda Irons25 kun oldin
  • Your gamers are in Swedin

    TheToxic_SlothTheToxic_Sloth25 kun oldin
  • lol danny 3:06

    Angelina RodriguesAngelina Rodrigues25 kun oldin
  • I thought that was you drinking milk

    Equestrian JumpersEquestrian Jumpers26 kun oldin
  • boomer humor: i hate my wife millenial humor: i hate my *life* gen z humor: *F Ř Ö 0 Ģ*

    TaltziTaltzi26 kun oldin
  • Give back the fucking nutcracker Lily!

    ScIoNix XxScIoNix Xx26 kun oldin
  • *spooky music plays* It’s update time... Break your knees... Me: *wheeze*

    • gaycko •• gaycko •27 kun oldin
  • apparently 70 is not even that old yet

    Lyrical RainLyrical Rain27 kun oldin
  • Danny: And they want you to know. *gets an add about FanDuel sportsbook* FanDuel sportsbook

    Trey MccuneTrey Mccune28 kun oldin
  • 9:47 watching this on 0.5 speed makes this even funnier

    Timmy RaposaTimmy Raposa28 kun oldin
  • "The 50s were the best time to be alive!" is a real white thing to say

    RosieRosie29 kun oldin
  • 12:09

    『 Aspen the Microwave 』『 Aspen the Microwave 』Oy oldin
  • I’ve actually seen a boomer meme that says, “In my day we didn’t have antidepressants, we just killed ourselves” with a cute little minion smiling back at you. Kinda felt the the minion was threatening me

    Hannah LundbergHannah LundbergOy oldin
  • I only eat sauerkraut on bratwurst, and I don't eat bratwurst without sauerkraut.

    Cory SCory SOy oldin
  • Boomers were originally known as the Me generation, which explains a lot.

    Anna VictrixAnna VictrixOy oldin
  • So after the first few minutes of this video I’m guessing this is a bad time to be new to Danny’s videos

    Allison BuettnerAllison BuettnerOy oldin
  • B4 the mysterious wall fall :(

    Taylor LangTaylor LangOy oldin
  • I eat it everyday and I'm 28. It's great for your health and digestive system.

    Ginger SnapGinger SnapOy oldin
  • Snooped on by snoop Dogg*

    Pritik NanwaniPritik NanwaniOy oldin
  • danny: GIVE HIM BACK, GIVE HIM BACK NOW! also danny: lemme just *breaks reality to get nutcracker guy*

    FroyoFroyoOy oldin
  • Pack it up church boy

    LillyLillyOy oldin
  • 10:50 my boomer mom yelled "yes we had happy days" from the kitchen

    Metro_MuttMetro_MuttOy oldin
  • this video is seven months old but last week i was on my best friend's grandma's facebook and she shared the sauerkraut image

    lynniie //lynniie //Oy oldin
  • I was born before iPhones were released I’m 16

    Nour GreyNour GreyOy oldin
  • 2:33 what the actual f*** is this silhouette showing

    Liam HutflesLiam HutflesOy oldin
  • boomer facebook posts: i bet i wont get even 1 share millennial facebook posts: either food or selfies gen z facebook posts: the

    astraastraOy oldin