Spooky Guy (Official Music Video)

10-Okt, 2018
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Spooky Boy Part II Official Video
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  • i think it is physically impossible to listen to this song without singing along and dancing

    Una MaeUna Mae3 soat oldin
  • I’m so happy this man was born

    20 years ago20 years ago17 soat oldin
  • Danny: I don't know what leen is Also danny:

    I'm a dog named LunaI'm a dog named Luna23 soat oldin
  • I just heard this on my brand new 120.7 dollars headphone, the bass so f-cking high

    Ronnie DoRonnie DoKun oldin
  • Little sister:is that a song? What i said:yeah What i wanted to say:no,its art

    laura kellerlaura kellerKun oldin
  • It’s been 2 years holy crap

    CosmicalCosmicalKun oldin
  • “I’m Dracula / These witches going down for the count” is a god tier bar

    whatever1234whatever12343 kun oldin
  • I was promiseed a kidney stealing cat

    Hi Ok ByeHi Ok Bye3 kun oldin
  • I think this is my favourite out of the spooky boy series

    Cali LycanCali Lycan5 kun oldin
    • Best

      Yeetus DefeetusYeetus Defeetus5 kun oldin
  • “spooked to death” is such a raw underrated line.

    Natasha SNatasha S5 kun oldin
  • I searched scary music and this came up

    akiix _akiix _6 kun oldin
  • i am obsessed with 0:13

    Natasha SNatasha S7 kun oldin
  • Guys, if you watch this at 1.25x speed, does Danny’s voice sound a bit distorted or is it just me?

    It’s a sundaeIt’s a sundae8 kun oldin
  • my fav one out of all these

    Derpy AstronautDerpy Astronaut8 kun oldin
  • It can’t be Halloween without this song

    Ronnie DoRonnie Do9 kun oldin
  • this song is so good what the fuck

    Amber EnthovenAmber Enthoven9 kun oldin
    • dannghly gkorbzales is best musician

      Amber EnthovenAmber Enthoven9 kun oldin
  • Next one spooky *man*

    cl0msycl0msy9 kun oldin
  • 2020 anybody T H I S WHOLE Y E A R IS A NIGHTMARE It's HALLOWEEN sznnnnnn 🎃🕷️

    Mohana BhuvanagiriMohana Bhuvanagiri9 kun oldin
  • This is the best spooky song

    WeebsWeebs10 kun oldin
  • This song is still my favorite Halloween bop. The puns are too amazing. Has yet to be topped.

    Ponylove42Ponylove4210 kun oldin
  • Spooky guy and spooky man are the best ones

    Dip YTDip YT11 kun oldin
  • This is too good

    Eshal BangEshal Bang11 kun oldin
  • best of the spooky boy series

    7drag0n7drag0n11 kun oldin
  • Fucking liar

    The Spooky guyThe Spooky guy11 kun oldin
    • let me just look away 👀

      AnnaAnna4 kun oldin
  • ah yes it went from spooky boy to spooky guy to spooky ho to spooky Man hes reached his max power of spook

    Mohawg 7Mohawg 711 kun oldin
  • Anyone watching after spooky man was released😂

    Bennett ScottBennett Scott12 kun oldin
  • This is the best one in the saga imo

    Felicia RoyersFelicia Royers12 kun oldin
  • I swear that this is still the best of the Spooky Boy songs. This literally plays on repeat in my head when it's October.

    Raven BloomRaven Bloom13 kun oldin
  • Still my fav Spooky Season track I dunno just something about this one

    Ashleigh HAshleigh H13 kun oldin
  • [Verse 1] Boo, bitch, Spooky Boy's back Ay, with a brand new Spooky Boy track Waited all year for a chance to attack Aside from orange, I’m wearing all black Not a treat but I got some tricks Not a gang member but I live in crypts Bright orbs in the background of all my pics You can call me Drake cause I'm from that 6(66) [Bridge] If you see me you better run outside, yeah You could be Jekyll but you still couldn't Hyde, yeah Spook ya then I’ll eat some pumpkin pie and apple cider Hannibal Lecter how I eat the track alive, yeah [Chorus] I'm a spooky guy I will never stop spookin' 'till the day I die I waited all year just so y'all would wanna see me Now all these fake spooky guys wanna be me I ain't sippin' lean, nah, and I ain't poppin’ xans, yuh Only poppin’ I do is to spook you and your friends, yuh Poppin' out a casket then I do my spooky dance, yuh I do it for the spook, give a fuck if it offends ya [Verse 2] Fake spooky boys do the most, ay New whip looking like a ghost, ay New boo looking like a ghost, yuh Cause she died three years ago, ohh That shit was really sad (Yeah) And it was all over the news (Spooked to death) And the only way I had to cope was a whole lotta boos (Boos, boos) [Bridge] Spook you into a coma, then I’ll spook your ass out My spooking is advanced, y'all still tryna learn how I can teach you how to spook for the right amount I'm Dracula, these witches going down for the count [Chorus] 'Cause I’m a spooky dude And I will spook you every day, even if it's rude I waited all year just so y'all would wanna see me Now all these fake spooky guys wanna be me I ain't sippin' lean, nah, and I ain't poppin' xans, yuh Only poppin' I do is to spook you and your friends, yuh Poppin' out a casket then I do my spooky dance, yuh I do it for the spook, give a fuck if it offends ya

    shitnestashitnesta14 kun oldin
  • I must say this is my favorite one from the spooky saga.

    KitkatKitkat14 kun oldin
  • Danny is the only person i know that can do a sequal right

    ZbugsZbugs14 kun oldin
  • Nice hands at the start

    Eliza YoongersEliza Yoongers14 kun oldin
  • Still fire

    Ali Effing NobleAli Effing Noble14 kun oldin
  • we all love "i'm dracula these witches goin down for the count" but i see NO love for "hannibal lecter how i eat the track alive yuh" and i think that is an mf travesty

    yoski broskiyoski broski14 kun oldin
  • 0:56 young face spitting bars

    bakugo hates youbakugo hates you14 kun oldin
  • 0:46 Why do I get emotional, I-

    Sakusa's_waifuSakusa's_waifu15 kun oldin

    Braden GrandyBraden Grandy15 kun oldin
  • what is the beat you used??

    The constapated gamerThe constapated gamer16 kun oldin
  • Chorus is still so hard.

    DeutschKevDeutschKev16 kun oldin
  • If you listen closely there's a deeper version of Danny's voice that says what Danny says sometimes.

    fell sans fanboyfell sans fanboy17 kun oldin
  • this is the best out of the three

    David Playz GamezDavid Playz Gamez17 kun oldin
  • Best one

    AAmin KettrellAAmin Kettrell17 kun oldin
  • 0:13

    Ben GalloBen Gallo17 kun oldin
  • This one is myfavorite

    Tyler CravenTyler Craven18 kun oldin
  • I love the spooky quadrilogy, this is my personal favorite

    Kreepy KlipsKreepy Klips18 kun oldin

    Lafayeete Large BaguetteLafayeete Large Baguette18 kun oldin
    • @Ponylove42 he said in one of his videos thay spooky man was the last

      Lafayeete Large BaguetteLafayeete Large Baguette9 kun oldin
    • He hasn't? The 2019 spooky song was spooky ho and 2020's spooky song is Spooky Man

      Ponylove42Ponylove4210 kun oldin
    • Yeah 😞

      The oof KingThe oof King17 kun oldin
  • I love how in spooky boy he said "I can teach you to spook for a spooky fee" and now he's saying "I can teach you go spooky for the right amount"

    Lafayeete Large BaguetteLafayeete Large Baguette18 kun oldin
  • Danny: "I'm a spooky guy, I will never stop spooking till the day I die" Also danny: quit being spooky guy this year :'(

    dolphin mandolphin man18 kun oldin
    • No he didn't? He released spooky man this year

      Ponylove42Ponylove4210 kun oldin

    Goose mafia SpyGoose mafia Spy18 kun oldin
    • hate it when that happens

      LokeLoke18 kun oldin
  • 1:20 is my favorite part in the whole music video cause of the smile u say after booze

    Randee SmithRandee Smith18 kun oldin
  • 1:20 is mg favorite part in the music video cause of that smile u say after boos lmao

    Randee SmithRandee Smith18 kun oldin
  • 2020 and spooky man is out. Danny be spoiling us, sadly it's the last :(

    jt kalolojt kalolo19 kun oldin
    • 😭

      The oof KingThe oof King17 kun oldin

    Agoo 423Agoo 42319 kun oldin
  • i CANNOT

    Lauren FieldingLauren Fielding19 kun oldin
  • This is my favorite oneeee

    《Løser._. Boo》《Løser._. Boo》19 kun oldin
  • Who watching this legendary music video in October

    Not ExcessiveNot Excessive19 kun oldin
  • this some weak shit, cause now its all about spooky MAN

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ -ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ -19 kun oldin
  • No other song in the spooky boy series will ever go as hard as this

    Bush For BrainsBush For Brains19 kun oldin
  • Spooky Boy Spooky Guy Spooky Ho Spooky Man

    Humane PeoplepersonHumane Peopleperson19 kun oldin
  • 2 Years

    MJ BOIMJ BOI19 kun oldin
  • He’s upgraded to spooky man

    Llama QueenLlama Queen19 kun oldin
  • I both like and dislike that he uses his musical talent for meme raps. The kid is actually good, that's if HE is writing his own lyrics, schemes, and comp'ing his own beats. Either way, bravo.

    Christian LuczejkoChristian Luczejko20 kun oldin
  • 2017:spooky boy 2018:spooky guy 2019:spooky ho 2020:spooky man

    William AshWilliam Ash20 kun oldin
  • This is Danny growing up

    It’s a sundaeIt’s a sundae20 kun oldin
  • I think the Jekyll and Hyde line is genius, I haven't heard anyone make a reference to that yet XD and I'm also going as Jekyll and hyde this year bc everyone else is doing partner costumes and I don't have one so I can just be my own parter and go as to people XD

    Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes20 kun oldin
  • Exactly 2 years since this was released :' )

    Archie ProductionsArchie Productions20 kun oldin
  • This is my favorite “spooky pronoun” from danny

    Jacob blueJacob blue20 kun oldin

    Ella BarnardElla Barnard20 kun oldin
  • Bars -_-

    Era BalaEra Bala20 kun oldin
  • Honestly this song claps spooky boy and spooky man...

    C0MM5ND3RC0MM5ND3R20 kun oldin
  • End of an era ;(

    Abigail ZellerAbigail Zeller20 kun oldin
    • Abigail Zeller 😔

      MeMeGregGregMeMeGregGreg20 kun oldin
  • This is so good. Danny got them BARS

    Micah GarrisonMicah Garrison20 kun oldin
  • This is definitely the best entry in the spooky songs.

    Jonathan FelixJonathan Felix20 kun oldin
    • @Just a guy who’s a frog for fun oh yeah you're right but I still think this is the best

      Jonathan FelixJonathan Felix20 kun oldin
    • @Jonathan Felix spooky man is the new one

      Just a guy who’s a frog for funJust a guy who’s a frog for fun20 kun oldin
    • @MeMeGregGreg nah, it's good but I think you're just saying that because it's the new one lol

      Jonathan FelixJonathan Felix20 kun oldin
    • Jonathan Felix NOOO SPOOKY HO IS THE BEST 😠

      MeMeGregGregMeMeGregGreg20 kun oldin
  • We need an instrumental

    HorrendousHarveyTVHorrendousHarveyTV20 kun oldin
  • This is my favorite

    Mars mooMars moo20 kun oldin
  • 2nd anniversary 🥳

    AshxfnAshxfn20 kun oldin
  • By far the best one

    this channel exists for some reasonthis channel exists for some reason20 kun oldin
  • put captions on and go to 0:12

  • Love love love it

    milk pie galaxy catmilk pie galaxy cat20 kun oldin
  • You got Spooky Boy, Spooky Guy and Spooky Man. Dude, where is Spooky Dude?

    Brian FurphyBrian Furphy20 kun oldin
    • He also has spooky ho

      Ella BarnardElla Barnard20 kun oldin
  • his best one honestly

    Allymackenzie1Allymackenzie120 kun oldin
  • Of all the spooky tracks, this continues to be my favourite.

    SamceratopsSamceratops20 kun oldin
  • the spooky saga is over now the mafia vampire dad saga ill finally start

    i dont know what my name should bei dont know what my name should be20 kun oldin
  • Tommorow it turns 2

    Watermelon AgentWatermelon Agent20 kun oldin
  • Here from Zpooky Man 🤧🤧

    BèénzBèénz20 kun oldin

    Genna GGenna G20 kun oldin
  • Who’s here after Spooky Man launched 🎃

    Loud AnimationsLoud Animations20 kun oldin
  • Here from spooky man

    UnwaveringNightUnwaveringNight20 kun oldin
  • Me and my friend are dressing up as spooky boy and spooky guy for Halloween truly greg.

    Stoopid CrumpetStoopid Crumpet20 kun oldin
  • This is my favorite spooky rap

    bluefeather 64bluefeather 6420 kun oldin
  • nostalgia at its finest

    christian borle haunted mechristian borle haunted me21 kun oldin
  • Pumpkin king

    Lilly LangleyLilly Langley21 kun oldin
  • Damn he grew up...

    Squinty Eyed KidSquinty Eyed Kid21 kun oldin
  • Anyone else watching the Spooky Boy music videos in order before watching spooky man?

    Nora LamkhiddaNora Lamkhidda21 kun oldin
    • Yep

      Squinty Eyed KidSquinty Eyed Kid21 kun oldin
  • :)

    yasiloyasilo21 kun oldin
  • Who's here because of the latest spooky song?

    FogshotFogshot21 kun oldin
  • Streaming all of his Halloween songs after hearing spooky man

    Maya FMaya F21 kun oldin
  • Real spooky guy

    Brian ClarkBrian Clark21 kun oldin
  • 2020 anyone?

    Renna PaxecoRenna Paxeco21 kun oldin