The Ratatouille Knockoff From Your Nightmares

20-Iyn, 2019
7 625 911 Ko‘rishlar soni

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This awful ripoff of Ratatouille is extremely bad. It’s so bad I gotta react to it. Thanks.
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  • That rat kinda fine

    chunky boichunky boiSoat oldin
  • I am surprised that danny doesn't even mention about the way they talk. The lip syncing is really off even in the spanish version. They look like they are running out of their breath.

    Blue EchantedBlue Echanted3 soat oldin
  • is it weird i like this movie??

    MysticTerror394MysticTerror3945 soat oldin
  • Fun Fact : The Guy Who Voiced The Dumb Rat Also Voice Act As Eggman In The Latest Sonic Games

    Dumpster FireDumpster Fire7 soat oldin
  • The sad thing is, is that I actually enjoyed that movie when I was little...

    -kyr-kyr7 soat oldin
  • best video ever i love this

    Eric TowerEric Tower9 soat oldin
  • Why dose the sexy rat/robot rat sound like Amy for sonic.

    HoneyxbeepHoneyxbeep10 soat oldin
  • 7:13

    Hovernyan3 theresnoneHovernyan3 theresnone11 soat oldin
  • I refuse to believe that Lisa Ortiz actually voiced something in this monstrosity. Oh Amy, whyyyyyyyy.

    Shea CorduroyShea Corduroy12 soat oldin
  • a sexy robot rat is worse.

    rubyrocketrubyrocket13 soat oldin
  • 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    frezfrezdzbaer fezbearfrezfrezdzbaer fezbear14 soat oldin
  • careful danny, ur rat kink is showing

    Saga ÅkessonSaga Åkesson15 soat oldin
  • I first saw this film during one of Dave Gorman's shows. I laughed too much at this.

    Those 28 stab woundsThose 28 stab wounds15 soat oldin
  • H O N E Y

    Sailhub RBLXSailhub RBLX15 soat oldin
  • POV: ur here rewatching this and realizing how long it’s been since this video came out

    xv zoe vxxv zoe vx15 soat oldin
  • Ratatoing é icônico 😍

    demitwicedemitwice19 soat oldin
  • This movie was part of my childhood, and I never noticed that it sounds like an english course audio to practice listening '-'

    Enzo AvilaEnzo Avila19 soat oldin
  • 7:19 n o

    Mr E PersonMr E Person20 soat oldin

    AJ GamesAJ Games20 soat oldin
  • Playbroblox

    AJ GamesAJ Games20 soat oldin
  • Oooof

    AJ GamesAJ Games20 soat oldin
  • #AJ Games_

    AJ GamesAJ Games20 soat oldin

    AJ GamesAJ Games20 soat oldin

    AJ GamesAJ Games21 soat oldin
  • HEHE

    AJ GamesAJ Games21 soat oldin
  • "Which is worse a robot rat or a sexy rat?" I say both combined

    PeachyAddy ChanPeachyAddy Chan22 soat oldin
  • Somehow, i like ratatoing's plot more than ratatouille, and ratatoing sure has better graphics than plan bee's.

    K!tten Doez!K!tten Doez!23 soat oldin
  • 0:29 H O N E Y

    K!tten Doez!K!tten Doez!23 soat oldin
  • ⠀ ∧_∧:: (´・ω・`):: /⌒ ⌒):: /へ__ / /:: (_\\ ミ)/:: | `-イ:: / ):: // /:: / /:: ( く::: |\ ヽ::: 𝕊𝕌ℙ

    Elizabeth wang KarmademiloElizabeth wang KarmademiloKun oldin
  • Why does his voice at 9:29 sound like Teddie from persona 4 oh my god his voice is haunting me

    doritodoritoKun oldin
  • what type of trash caption editor did u hire

    ObscuredEntity _ObscuredEntity _Kun oldin
  • is it just me or does Marcel sound sorta like Agumon from digimon adventure and Greg sounds exactly like Eggman

    LeviathanLeviathanKun oldin
  • Ooh yes baby uhh more daddy

    Jordan FloresJordan FloresKun oldin
  • this looks like something that "surreal entertainment " would make.

    Kylee GabyKylee GabyKun oldin
  • I come back to this video every time I get down xD

    Random RoseRandom RoseKun oldin
  • Also keep in mind the rat has glasses so that mean there’s an eye doctor in there world

    Jen UnicornJen UnicornKun oldin
  • React to Julie and the phantoms

    Gabrielle HutchinsonGabrielle HutchinsonKun oldin
  • That's what they dont tell you about brazil

    Gabrįēl Cåstrø dė ÄlmęīdáGabrįēl Cåstrø dė ÄlmęīdáKun oldin
  • Help

    ThatOneAwkwardGuyThatOneAwkwardGuyKun oldin
  • liar

    Jonah SchoppJonah SchoppKun oldin
  • Greg

    •BTS mocha••BTS mocha•Kun oldin
  • im in the geto.a rata-toing!

    snake bite studio'ssnake bite studio'sKun oldin
  • sexy rats are worse

    snake bite studio'ssnake bite studio'sKun oldin
  • if i got a pound for every time he said city i would be ballin

    potatopowerplayerpotatopowerplayerKun oldin
  • ive have watched this video multiple times and it has never failed to make me laugh

    Picture of PaintingPicture of PaintingKun oldin
  • Why does the other rat sound like eggman in sonic the hedgehog

    A KhepriA KhepriKun oldin
  • that's not a jesus statue, that's a statue of Keanu Reeves T-posing to assert dominance

    tea wreckstea wrecks2 kun oldin
  • as a 4yr i kinda liked ratoing.....

    itz odhranitz odhran2 kun oldin
  • 6:49 The Sims freeplay type shit.

    Yari Abigail X3Yari Abigail X32 kun oldin
  • this movie had a budget of $65

    PugOverLordPugOverLord2 kun oldin
  • Put on captions and you will see uwu faces x 10

    Kahakaiwa WilliamsKahakaiwa Williams2 kun oldin
  • the female walking looks like the gta 5 thots around town

    J BradleyJ Bradley2 kun oldin
  • petition to rename the rat Craig instead of Greg:

    Gamer 39Gamer 393 kun oldin
  • Clearly the peak of 4Kids’ library. Who needs Yu-Gi-Oh!? Sonic X? Pokemon? Nah. Ratatoing is where it’s at.

    AnoosFluffyFox XOXOAnoosFluffyFox XOXO3 kun oldin
  • *R A T A T O I N G*

    hannah wuhannah wu3 kun oldin
  • sexy rat is worse

    alastor lapidalastor lapid3 kun oldin
  • Me: Mom, can we get Ratatouille? Mom: We have Ratatouille at home *Ratatouille at home*

    This is Michael- ScotchThis is Michael- Scotch3 kun oldin
  • I cant imagine there being rats with stacks like in the beginning scene of Ratatoing. Oh wait there already is one...

    Raadd AlsoRaadd Also3 kun oldin
  • So, this movie is god-awful, but can we talk about how good the voice actors are for the three main characters? Marcell is voiced by Wayne Grayson, which I don't watch anything he's in, but he's a great voice actor. Greg is voiced by Mike Pollock who voices Dr. Eggman. And Carol is voiced by Lisa Ortiz who voices Amy Rose.

    RyweisRyweis3 kun oldin
    • the sound mixing and the script really undermines the fact that the voice actors aren't half bad

      Karma Does EverythingKarma Does EverythingKun oldin
  • Rat Hooters

    Miriya SaenzMiriya Saenz3 kun oldin
  • *dannys a furry*

    James.James.3 kun oldin
  • That's why people don't come here in Brazil.

    ID147 •ID147 •4 kun oldin
  • The little keyboard faces in the caption is everything

    Chenjue WangChenjue Wang4 kun oldin
  • i bet you 5 dollaridoos i can eat that food in 2 secondollaridoos

    uh oh how unfortunate uh oh how unfortunateuh oh how unfortunate uh oh how unfortunate4 kun oldin
  • kaigwhwpqkwm9

    Denny GorbzalezDenny Gorbzalez4 kun oldin
  • Uhm- why does Marcel sound like Midoriya from bnha

    「floweryツ」「floweryツ」4 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else see mickey mouse on a painting?

    AlanDarksyAlanDarksy4 kun oldin
  • Yo is that Dr. Eggman?

    SabrefrixSabrefrix4 kun oldin
  • does anyone else think that Marcel sounds like Deku?!?

    Fritz The DutchieFritz The Dutchie4 kun oldin
  • as someone who wears clothes i can confirm that we sound like a yagami yato patreon video when dressing

    LisaLisa4 kun oldin
  • That female rat looks like someone shaved her whole lower body.

    Dannisaur-LeaDannisaur-Lea4 kun oldin
  • I just realized that a lot of this movie feels like something kids would come up with while playing. Like, pretending to make a bunch of different food for their restaurant, but really they're just stirring stuff in a pot. Also, the dramatic way they get ready for their "heist" to steal ingredients from the human restaurant. It honestly feels like a storyline I would've come up with as a six or seven-year-old.

    Chelnah the EggheadChelnah the Egghead4 kun oldin
  • I say a sexy rat is worded So ye ಠ_ʖಠ

    Kevin McGuinnessKevin McGuinness4 kun oldin
  • "What are they doing- are they on crak?" LOL- 12:35

    iAmKayleeniAmKayleen4 kun oldin
  • Please do more shitty animated movies ive never laughed so hard

    T H A N KT H A N K4 kun oldin
  • Robot rat is the worst

    Brylee’s WorldBrylee’s World4 kun oldin
  • The grandpa rat looks like my sleep paralysis demon’s sleep paralysis demon

    Thicc SnickerrzThicc Snickerrz4 kun oldin
  • When I hear ratatoing, I go rataboing out of the window

    Linyeta IceteaLinyeta Icetea4 kun oldin
  • Marcell sounds like Yugi Moto.

  • 7:55 the poster behind the rats....

    Yoreal KatYoreal Kat4 kun oldin
  • Nobody literally nobody The blue rat: YAAAAAAAAAA 13:33

    Sussie and gabi show RobloxSussie and gabi show Roblox5 kun oldin
  • Sounds like the crash dummy voices.

    Mrs RefrigeratorMrs Refrigerator5 kun oldin
  • Oh my Rio De Janeiro!

    Slapstick GeniusSlapstick Genius5 kun oldin
  • *"She's thick! The rat's thick!"*

    nikalachitenikalachite5 kun oldin
  • 0:29 🤩HONEY

    nikalachitenikalachite5 kun oldin
  • Yeah, one dude and the people *he kidnapped* yikes..

    This is Michael- ScotchThis is Michael- Scotch5 kun oldin
  • wait let me use some hamon to kill the demon rats and demon cats

    Daniel MakDaniel Mak5 kun oldin
  • Danny: OH GOD (O_O) 😳 WHY dose the rat have BOOGIES!? And why is she low key thick : FBI: ITS THE FBI OPEN UP

    WolfLarissaHoyleWolfLarissaHoyle5 kun oldin
    • Lol

      Slimy AnimationsSlimy Animations5 kun oldin
  • its funny how he threw up in the video lol hahah #loveyoudanny

    deku chudeku chu5 kun oldin
  • 6:04 has to be the best thing ever

    Ariana FudgeAriana Fudge5 kun oldin
  • 7:19 yo G you ok?

    C a tC a t5 kun oldin
    • Bluhh. 🤢

      Slimy AnimationsSlimy Animations5 kun oldin
  • 10:03 this made me laugh so hard, i-

    Wonder Of UWonder Of U5 kun oldin
  • i spent ten minutes laughing at the thicc rats and my sister is staring at me-

    LisaLisa5 kun oldin
  • 21:26 - 21:27 It's a wizard cat

    Jenn VlasicJenn Vlasic6 kun oldin
  • If you look in the background of the restaurant, there are Picasso-esque paintings in the wall depicting a naked female rat with actual nipples. You can’t make this shit up.

    Android in BlackAndroid in Black6 kun oldin
  • Toon town type beat

    Ryan MathewRyan Mathew6 kun oldin
  • Nobody: Greg:Ugh ugh ugh yea yea yea Me: wat (0 _ 0)

    Nghia NguyenNghia Nguyen6 kun oldin
  • 6:17

    Simp for princeSimp for prince6 kun oldin
  • Alternate title for the movie: theif sexy robot rats stare into your soul for a 2 hours

    Sly GuySly Guy6 kun oldin
  • Rat: winks Me and Danny: (vomit)

    Kaiden's StuffKaiden's Stuff6 kun oldin