These Memes Are Awful (Student Memes)

5-Dek, 2018
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These instagram memes are so fresh they'll make you want to become a student!
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  • Some school memes are hilarious, but the people on here (not Danny, whoever made the thread or something IDK I don't get social media) somehow made them cringy

    Noah PropperNoah Propper55 daqiqa oldin
  • Mr johnny sins is dad

    Medic325Medic32512 soat oldin
  • 4:03 I only just now, after about 20 rewatches of this video, realized that’s Johnny sins

    BloodhounderBloodhounderKun oldin
  • boyfriEND girlfriEND best friEND Greg only Greg has no end, Greg will never wrong you

    Chat NoirChat NoirKun oldin
  • Genuinely insulted that the 31 year old getting his degree is this absolute madlad senior citizen....excuse me that it took me til 30 to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life

    Andrea RupeAndrea Rupe2 kun oldin
  • Did anyone realise most of the bad ig memes pages Drew has reviewed are Indian?

    clily bbclily bb2 kun oldin
  • “Let’s just together learn”-Danny

    ?Jeann¿?Jeann¿3 kun oldin
  • You know Johnny Sins, dont act like you don't

    csyd22csyd223 kun oldin
  • im the only one who wants to kill my teacher -- so im gonna violate my dress code :D

    CavendishCavendish4 kun oldin
  • Johnny sins is the 31 year old man for you who didn’t know

    Quackattack 000Quackattack 0005 kun oldin
  • i did not expect to see Ranbir Kapoor on Danny's channel

    Roohi KarunakaranRoohi Karunakaran5 kun oldin
  • We're all going to everntually die one day

    Supernabit BrosSupernabit Bros5 kun oldin
  • What about when the girl doesn't ignore or reject me oof

    AJisVenomousAJisVenomous6 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or does 3:00 seem to have some darker humor...

    Solve the CubeSolve the Cube6 kun oldin
  • 5:25 corona literally came and proved this meme to be incorrect

    Basil ZoubiBasil Zoubi6 kun oldin
  • Me: casually does surgery on some grapes

    NotASovietNotASoviet6 kun oldin
  • G R E G R R E E G R E G Yes I did it

    TGLilyTGLily7 kun oldin
  • G R E G R R E E G R E G hehe i did it

    lol Jjlol Jj7 kun oldin
  • Danny: do you guys smell that? That’s student life. Me: smells dinner cooking Me: ooh yay student life smells like chicken parm 😋

    Sammi WilliamsSammi Williams7 kun oldin
  • Lets together learn

    Justus WheatleyJustus Wheatley7 kun oldin
  • LeT's ToGeThEr LeArN

    Matilda WhitwellMatilda Whitwell7 kun oldin
  • 5:40 well, at least it is now

    Bammity BamBamBammity BamBam7 kun oldin
  • ok i have a question what happened to the other 3

    BlackWolf AUBlackWolf AU8 kun oldin
  • G E G

    fox childfox child8 kun oldin
  • The picture at 4:00 is straight from a porno and that man is a porn star. I promise you. Just dont ask how i know.

    Micah GuillemetteMicah Guillemette8 kun oldin
    • No, it’s ok. We all knew deep down and I think they knew.

      Bammity BamBamBammity BamBam7 kun oldin
  • fucking johnny sins

    Jake BriscoeJake Briscoe8 kun oldin
  • on the candle one, eventually the wax will go over the wick and will make the candle useless which is a metaphor for your teacher hates you and wants you to not be able to live in the real world.

    Mad Mr. BlobMad Mr. Blob8 kun oldin
  • That 31 meme is Johnny Sins

    Bruh69Bruh698 kun oldin
  • G R E G R R E E G R E G

    Kpop stanKpop stan8 kun oldin
  • 4:22 Wait.. That Look Oh Shit Oh Fuck.

    Mr WreckerMr Wrecker8 kun oldin
  • me: can i go to the bathroom my teacher: i dont know can you *10 days after* my teacher:*breaks her legs and falls * can you help me up me:i dont know can you my teacher: how dear you use my words againts me

    EldinEldin8 kun oldin
  • Y O U W I L L N E V E R E S C A P E T H E G R E G S

    Sxnny_ V1besSxnny_ V1bes9 kun oldin
  • 31 years old isn’t even that old to finish college? People go back at that age all the time

    alphabaskyalphabasky9 kun oldin
  • Racecar A. A C. C E. E C. C A. A R. R

    Al PianocomAl Pianocom9 kun oldin
  • Because of the salute memes, I hung up a sign in my room that says "Salute to me, my cup size is D"

    Connor MurphyConnor Murphy9 kun oldin
  • Me watching this in 2020: 👀

    Kokichi OumaKokichi Ouma9 kun oldin
  • This is definitely run by boomers.

    James BittnerJames Bittner9 kun oldin
  • omg he just said the plot of the santa clause at the end of the video i-

    gretchen lewisgretchen lewis9 kun oldin
  • Go down Good job dumbass

    i am trash GOODi am trash GOOD9 kun oldin
    • You know what G R E G

      i am trash GOODi am trash GOOD9 kun oldin
  • 6:20 this proves that the world without sex would be better, because we would be immortal and instead of passing knowledge town we learn and learn with our full developed mind

    Luke BoisenLuke Boisen10 kun oldin
  • 3:20 when i was a kid that’s legit why i thought old people used walkers

    Evan McNiffEvan McNiff10 kun oldin
  • I love you

    Annie O’RourkeAnnie O’Rourke10 kun oldin
  • Ok. I'm a student and even I don't get some of these

    Meg KrishMeg Krish11 kun oldin
  • the macbook meme predicted online school

    Izen SalinasIzen Salinas11 kun oldin
  • I’m starting to suspect this isn’t run by students...

    A duck with a YouTube channelA duck with a YouTube channel11 kun oldin
    • A duck with a UZworld channel can u plz sub to me and shout me out

      _itz_ jackYT_itz_ jackYT11 kun oldin
  • “Would you slap your best friend for this” Me: *slaps myself 50 times*

    ETHAN OSETHAN OS11 kun oldin

    Omega GarfieldOmega Garfield12 kun oldin

    puddingpudding12 kun oldin
  • G R E G R R E E G R E G

    Daniel LindseyDaniel Lindsey12 kun oldin
  • Teacher : why are you talking during my class Student: why are you teaching during my conversation Teacher: because I get paid to what is your excuse

    I ScottI Scott13 kun oldin
  • 'Topper', salutes galore, Bollywood film scenes, cheesy memes...yup. This is an Indian profile. Checks all the signs.

    aditya banerjeeaditya banerjee14 kun oldin
  • im sorry but did an instagram page just claim that people who write exams are tops

    ElliottElliott14 kun oldin
  • as a student of franklin middle school (this is cringey, and even worser way to make fun of children UNLESS YOUR THE MAP COMMUNITY/WEIRDOS, AND FREAKS ON TWITTER)

    Sinead Brennan-AllenSinead Brennan-Allen14 kun oldin
  • M E L T M E S T U D E N T

    AceInTheHoleAceInTheHole14 kun oldin
  • 3:02 ah yes, brain stearin

    NordicNordic14 kun oldin
    • Nordic can u shout me out plz

      _itz_ jackYT_itz_ jackYT11 kun oldin
  • Am I seeing things or is that 31 year old man touching that teachers butt.

    Curious TreasureCurious Treasure15 kun oldin
  • 5:57 gerg

    ATVATV15 kun oldin
  • 6:28 and those shitty novelty erasers that no one uses because they look like animals are shitty parents

    DragonBoy RWDragonBoy RW16 kun oldin
    • DragonBoy RW hey can u shout me out

      _itz_ jackYT_itz_ jackYT11 kun oldin
  • 4:10 no way did they post a meme with Johnny sins in it

    Noah HarrimanNoah Harriman16 kun oldin
  • they did surgery on a grape

    Wilishi WonderWilishi Wonder17 kun oldin
  • That candle ain’t even lit-

    Just another music channelJust another music channel17 kun oldin
  • I hate minions

    Daniel LunaDaniel Luna18 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else notice he said TOGETHER learn as in together Bath

    Milo The CatMilo The Cat18 kun oldin
  • Here is a inspirational quote "all lives matter except for the ones that dont :)"

    Logan FLogan F18 kun oldin
  • why do you take everything so WRONG why

    Swixtor SinghSwixtor Singh18 kun oldin
    • @_itz_ jackYT ???

      Swixtor SinghSwixtor Singh11 kun oldin
    • Can u shout me out

      _itz_ jackYT_itz_ jackYT11 kun oldin
  • Danny doesn't know Johnny innocent boi

    Dementor 8005Dementor 800518 kun oldin
  • My boyfriend actually did go to college at 31. When he walked into his first freshman class, all the kids stopped talking and sat down.

    getLaidybuggetLaidybug19 kun oldin
  • It totally looks like made by old relatives in Facebook...

    kowal janowskikowal janowski19 kun oldin
  • 4:35 I guess he doesn't know who this '31 year old' is 😆

    Ann1amour 536Ann1amour 53619 kun oldin
  • The teacher candle one is probably referring to an old Chinese saying. Teachers are often compared to candles in China because they sacrifice their time and personal enjoyment to enlighten the students with their passion and knowledge, just like a candle would sacrifice itself to bring light to people.

    DaeunDaeun19 kun oldin

    Maria dos SantosMaria dos Santos19 kun oldin
  • "if you never have kids you will live eternally" *evilly laughs in ace*

    ILikeStrawberrySharks. comILikeStrawberrySharks. com19 kun oldin
    • ILikeStrawberrySharks. com can u shout me out

      _itz_ jackYT_itz_ jackYT11 kun oldin
  • Ibdosm

    Allison VPAllison VP20 kun oldin
  • "live in the walls of strangers" *jeff the mongoose intensifies*

    SafeRoundHouseSafeRoundHouse20 kun oldin
  • 4:00 i Think Thats Johnny sins

    seb Bseb B20 kun oldin
  • I subscribed and turend on nodifacations I am truley greg now

    lydia joneslydia jones20 kun oldin
  • 4:02 ....... you guys are seeing what im seeing right?

    PopccoPopcco21 kun oldin
  • 1:30 lets together learn Huh...... Reminds me of Jhonny

    The Zombie GuyThe Zombie Guy21 kun oldin
  • His voice helps me fall asleep and I don’t know why it just helps

    Konnigon ConnieKonnigon Connie21 kun oldin
  • omg remember when they did surgery on a grape edit: omg tysm for 1 like 😭😭😭😭❤️

    kira vkira v21 kun oldin
  • oh he went over that i paused it before he addressed it

    cade's adventurecade's adventure21 kun oldin
  • did anyone notice that the 31 year old was johny sins lil

    cade's adventurecade's adventure21 kun oldin
  • L E T S T O G E T H E R B A T H L E T S T O G E T H E R B A T H

    Fendii.SaraiiFendii.Saraii21 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Plague DoctorPlague Doctor21 kun oldin
  • I have another problem with the eraser metaphor. You can go out and buy a new eraser, but you can't go out and buy a new set of parents.

    SS-VoidSS-Void22 kun oldin
  • Are there gnomes in your room to he keeps on getting closer every time I go to sleep

    Galaxy gaming 1987Galaxy gaming 198722 kun oldin
  • There is an army of nutcrackers I hope Danny will be okay

    Ceej’s CrittersCeej’s Critters22 kun oldin
  • Greg R E G

    Ceej’s CrittersCeej’s Critters22 kun oldin

    Neta SaposnikNeta Saposnik22 kun oldin
  • Greg.

    Chloe RybickiChloe Rybicki22 kun oldin
  • My man don't even know that's the one and only, Johnny Sins

    Viggo FranssonViggo Fransson23 kun oldin
  • I’m single and have no kids and I’m an immortal being so yes people without kids are immortal

    Cerberus the NightwingCerberus the Nightwing24 kun oldin
  • The pencil and eraser thing is complete shit. Its reversable and so abusive eitherway it is. What i mean by reversable is in an abusive parent child relationship some children are expected to cover up for the parents and they slowly loose themselves through that. The person who thought it was inspirational has only one perspective and even that's wack In this essy i will-

    Robyn SchofieldRobyn Schofield24 kun oldin
  • yay!

    Back SplashBack Splash25 kun oldin
  • Two Minecraft mobs in one sentence. 3:50 I need help.

    Moondust ProductionsMoondust Productions25 kun oldin
  • A account made for students by students by 68 year old women

    gbc 101gbc 10125 kun oldin
  • Yeah all these mems are written by boomers. Kids are so much more chaotic that this...

    Emily ValeriEmily Valeri25 kun oldin
  • 1:31 _yeeeeeeeeee_

    Dogboy1642Dogboy164225 kun oldin
  • I don’t know why but these memes give off a strong Karen vibe-

    Slytherin BarbieSlytherin Barbie26 kun oldin
  • 7:38 Did I see Ranbir Kapoor from Wake up Sid?

    Snigdha DeepalaSnigdha Deepala26 kun oldin