This Family Thinks There’s A Monster In Their Pond (Sharer Fam Reaction)

20-Iyn, 2018
6 995 313 Ko‘rishlar soni

The Sharer family is no ordinary family. They're a family that is UNDER ATTACK BY A VICIOUS POND MONSTER. But even though their lives hang in the balance, they're still gonna keep making fun family videos just for you! Get ready to cringe!
If you're actually reading this description comment "Can’t believe my dog is a monster"
Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on UZworld, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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Outro song:

  • bruh let the fish chill

    kittycorny playz robloxkittycorny playz roblox4 soat oldin
  • Gotta give the mom credit for supporting her kids dreams

    Undead EdgyUndead Edgy13 soat oldin

    NightWatcher The WolfNightWatcher The Wolf13 soat oldin
  • “He’s 4” “He’s been subscribed for a really long time” wait a minute. Mm chile anyways so

    FionaFiona13 soat oldin

    the urban travelerthe urban traveler16 soat oldin
  • As a member of the men named Stephen community we do not own him

    Steph ElliottSteph Elliott17 soat oldin
  • 6:33 i thought it said ‘HUMPING POND MONSTER’

    tiffanronpatiffanronpa17 soat oldin
  • The kids who watch it are like 5 I used to think this was real when I was 5 kids are smarter than you give them credit for. Unless that's just me because I don't think any 11 year old would think this is real.

    Nol GamerNol Gamer22 soat oldin

    Ava BasanezAva BasanezKun oldin
  • *World hunger* Them: "lol no. We're to rich for that." *chucks food*

    Shark PuppyYTShark PuppyYTKun oldin
  • I better reaction to a watermelon breaking “okay”

    BridghamBridghamKun oldin
  • Stag

    peter El Hayekpeter El HayekKun oldin
  • When the foot touches ground Ö

    Waylon I Moon RochybyWaylon I Moon RochybyKun oldin
  • 10:29 why was that precious

    Sadee KetchesideSadee KetchesideKun oldin
  • Even worse I only live a few miles away from this dude

    MrDogeYTMrDogeYTKun oldin
  • Watermelon explodes...ten minutes later “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW”

    Mistical RandomnessMistical RandomnessKun oldin
  • *hi grey*

    •BTS mocha••BTS mocha•Kun oldin
  • I just can't believe Danny has a wife. He is old enough too. But he just looks like a baby so it all seems too unreal.

    lucid dreamlucid dream2 kun oldin
  • Danny: 10 or 11 maybe me: im 11 and you are my fave Danny what the fuck is wrong with me I sHoUlD bE wAtCHiNg CoLlInS kEy

    R & E DrawingR & E Drawing2 kun oldin

    Fish_Feet 2468Fish_Feet 24682 kun oldin
  • I did my laundry Sharer: WOAH!

    Luca FerreiraLuca Ferreira2 kun oldin
  • actress not actor

    Merry KMerry K2 kun oldin
  • i think i will bust open

    EzekielEzekiel2 kun oldin
  • I'm 11 and I watch you not these weirdos you make videos on

    Quinn PennellQuinn Pennell3 kun oldin
    • I feel u I’ve been a fan for almost a year now he’s just so funny

      Quinn PennellQuinn Pennell2 kun oldin
    • Of danny

      KarbKarb2 kun oldin
    • I'm 10 and I am a fan

      KarbKarb2 kun oldin

    Zoey ConatserZoey Conatser3 kun oldin
  • No pls don’t his content is 2-7

    Selu Is trashSelu Is trash3 kun oldin
  • His content isn’t even bad it’s just boring

    Selu Is trashSelu Is trash3 kun oldin
  • I have so many questions for the "meeting my 1 millionth subscribers scene". First of all, Where is Cam supposed to be? How did Carter find this kid? Did he stalk him? Where are the parents? Why are the parents not questioning this strange man that's talking to their kid? Why are there two kids with the same haircut and clothes as Cam in the background? Btw if you look in the background at this time, 13:35, you can see two kids identical to Cam

    Snoozy DoodlesSnoozy Doodles3 kun oldin
  • These are just a family of wealthy people with far too much money, way too much time, and a ton of chemical stimulants on their hands. They should be investigated for cruelty to animals for what they do to the “pond monster”, and crimes against humanity for that song.

    Sam BaconSam Bacon3 kun oldin
  • 1:23 was that auto tune????

    Isaac HernandezIsaac Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • I have a game Take a shot everytime you hear "pond monster"

    ochaco urarakaochaco uraraka3 kun oldin
  • The pond monster is a turtle

    Matthew JozefiakMatthew Jozefiak3 kun oldin
  • My brother stopped watching these channels when he was eight

    Margaret MolinaMargaret Molina3 kun oldin
  • What school were they enrolled in that they think a fish is a monster

    Game ZillaGame Zilla3 kun oldin
  • whats up danny I'm greg

    DewDew3 kun oldin
  • listen to the song share the love

    zoodle doodlezoodle doodle3 kun oldin
  • i'm 12 and i absolutely wanna barf at this dude

    zoodle doodlezoodle doodle3 kun oldin
    • I'm 10 and I use capital letters at the start of my comment.

      No, none of itNo, none of it3 kun oldin
  • Danny should see Stephen sharers new pond monster vids

    zied mohamedzied mohamed4 kun oldin
  • That fish is like what are they doing are they trying to kill me

    Chris CarterChris Carter4 kun oldin
  • Stop guging

    Niak MayakNiak Mayak4 kun oldin
  • morgz and carter are kindy the same they both get excited to loud and.... clickbait lol

    Chase BordleyChase Bordley4 kun oldin
  • You suck man

    vijaya krishnavijaya krishna4 kun oldin
  • I think the pond monster thing was sorta a funny family inside joke like “oh yeah watch out mom the pond monster might get you” and it was a thing that should’ve stayed off camera but they didn’t do that so everyone thinks they’ve lost their minds and they’re click baiters

    Rhett 10Rhett 104 kun oldin
  • his head is controlled with the word "monster"

    MrHumanMrHuman4 kun oldin
  • 4 years old and watching for a long time? A year Ago he might not have even known how to WALK

    Avery GriswoldAvery Griswold4 kun oldin
  • Pretty sure they just copied the dropping stuff from HowRediculous

    Avery GriswoldAvery Griswold4 kun oldin
  • danny: these videos are made for like... 10 or 11 year olds. me, an 11 year old: *this shit content is poking a hole in my eye sockets*

    wednesdaywednesday4 kun oldin
  • Danny: 10 to 11 Me: 10 and don’t watch Shit

    Doggie BoiDoggie Boi4 kun oldin
  • The man screaming is a free sound on kinemaster's store. I've used it before

    Ella CrawfordElla Crawford4 kun oldin
  • 💕💕💕💕☺️😘😊😔😏😉😍😁🥰😍😛😘😋😚🤪🤨🎃🎃🎃

    RoyalTulipRoyalTulip5 kun oldin
  • I’m new to your channel

    RoyalTulipRoyalTulip5 kun oldin
  • Danny: This channels made for 10 to 11 year olds. Me: Am I being challenged

    TrooperDCTTrooperDCT5 kun oldin
  • I think its more targeted to like 4-8 yr olds.

    Lala MLala M5 kun oldin
    • My eight year old cousin even hates carter

      DgsgeshjsDgsgeshjs3 kun oldin

    Lufox990Lufox9905 kun oldin
  • When the mom says don’t do it she sounds like she has autotune lmao

    Cody AndersonCody Anderson5 kun oldin
  • I’m just focusing on the fact this family has a pond...

    Jakey_ GooseJakey_ Goose5 kun oldin
  • His reaction is like when a parent reacts to where there 3 year old doesn't poop there pants

    Charlie ColonCharlie Colon5 kun oldin
  • When they need more click bait 10:00

    Khobe STRETTONKhobe STRETTON5 kun oldin
  • There was a corcedile in their lake

    JosuéJosué5 kun oldin
  • My 5 year old siblings wouldn't watch this.

    K1TTYC0RPSEK1TTYC0RPSE6 kun oldin
  • This is my new favorite youtuber, not because of his content or anything just because of the way he ends his videos

    ғʟxᴡᴇʀsғʟxᴡᴇʀs6 kun oldin
  • carter really ripped off queen nickis song

    Noah RuachoNoah Ruacho6 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or does danny sound exactly like carter

    SunkenSunken6 kun oldin
  • nobody: clickbait titles: CALLING SPONGBOB AT 3AM!!! **WENT WRONG** **NOT CLICKBAIT** **ALMOST DIED** **ARRESTED** **CHASED** **100% REAL**

    rainyxskiesrainyxskies6 kun oldin
  • I mean, at least it looks like they're having fun.

    Ykaterina ColeslawYkaterina Coleslaw7 kun oldin
  • Also the *monster* is a alligator

    Brennan MunroBrennan Munro7 kun oldin
  • danny im 11 and i watch you im offened

    ryleyisa weebryleyisa weeb7 kun oldin
    • @Your_Opinion_Doesn’t_Matter probably because im from another country.

      ryleyisa weebryleyisa weeb6 kun oldin
    • nice grammar

      Your_Opinion_Doesn’t_MatterYour_Opinion_Doesn’t_Matter7 kun oldin
  • I think I will bust open

    FRIED_CheekFRIED_Cheek7 kun oldin

    Esto_ GamingEsto_ Gaming7 kun oldin
  • No

    ColinCartoonColinCartoon8 kun oldin
  • 5:09 😂😂

    Fred VanvleetFred Vanvleet8 kun oldin
  • i used to watch this dude when i was 8 but he kept repeating the same thing, carter would eat something, they would do something retarded, do something with their pond, and do something retarded. EVERY SINGLE VIDEO.

    andersen’s clipsandersen’s clips8 kun oldin
  • No it’s a gator or crockadile

    Michael Ben McGrathMichael Ben McGrath8 kun oldin
  • I know that it is not real

    O_oO_o8 kun oldin
  • I’ve been250feet up

    Alexander MingleAlexander Mingle8 kun oldin
  • Mama sherer looks like a krean

    KRK PRICEKRK PRICE9 kun oldin
  • I don’t know if this is where it originated but that screaming man sound effect is literally in the video game Ark Survival Evolved. They just used a stock sound effect.

    ChebicChebic9 kun oldin
  • Wait until Danny find morgz

    Amber thornAmber thorn9 kun oldin
  • When I was like 3 I always watched this stuff and believed it all of their videos are clickbait I hate them.

    Half asleep dudeHalf asleep dude9 kun oldin
  • is it that hard to see that its a crikey.

    Ethan StilwellEthan Stilwell9 kun oldin
  • At 2:01 Danny has cut perfectly when he tell "whaoooo".

    FaheemFaheem10 kun oldin
  • Sad to think that I used to watch this stuff I used to be retarded ugh

    Hollow HuskHollow Husk10 kun oldin
  • "Ok let's go to 45 feet now!" "Oooh I'm so nervous!!!" Me who had to go all the way to the top of the Eureka Skydeck: "Oooooh god!" Two seconds later: "Aw cool a skatepark"

    LoyalLoyal10 kun oldin
  • Maybe you should watch Carter’s new videos now way much better Stevens I don’t know I stopped watching him

    Brody BlanchardBrody Blanchard10 kun oldin
  • Ok I will not look at you

    R MR M10 kun oldin
  • this guys get 10-11 year olds, While Pewdiepie has 9 year olds makes sense

    LoopzLoopz10 kun oldin
  • I hate carter he’s so annoying

    R MR M10 kun oldin
  • (:

    R MR M10 kun oldin
  • Danny is the best I’m a veteran GREG

    Chase SullivanChase Sullivan10 kun oldin

    Chase SullivanChase Sullivan10 kun oldin
  • Did Danny just say that he doesn't agree that throwing watermelons on the ground is a waste of food?

    diana haymzediana haymze10 kun oldin
  • I’m 11and I hate him

    Connor SherlockConnor Sherlock10 kun oldin
  • its an idiot

    DejvDejv10 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who is staring at the dogs and not looking at the clips of the videos danny is showing at 10:23

    Gauri ParulekarGauri Parulekar11 kun oldin
  • Someone: *breathes* Carter Sharer: WOAHHHHH

    Damien HughesDamien Hughes11 kun oldin
  • I did a cat walk on a 40 foot tree...I was wasn’t scary at all

    PaigePaige11 kun oldin
  • I just think it's really funny that he said that the 1 millionth subscriber, who is 4 years old, has been watching the channel for a really long time. Like, he's 4 years old. As in 4 years old. How long is he suggesting this child has been watching? Since birth? Or is it a long time relative to his age so he's been watching for like a month and to the kid that's a long time? Idk. I thought it was funny

    Logan MillerLogan Miller11 kun oldin

    Violet HendricksViolet Hendricks11 kun oldin
  • At 10,000 feet above sea level, the normal saturation for a human breathing regular air is 87 percent. Go to 18,000 feet without supplemental oxygen and the saturation drops to 80 percent (thanks to the partial pressure of oxygen being just 21 percent of the atmospheric pressure at any altitude). Just a simple search I do not own this (Duh) but I did no write this

    SilentPanda78SilentPanda7811 kun oldin
  • I wonder if his first word was whoa. Sounds like it was.

    Robby SRobby S11 kun oldin