UPDATE CORNER: Paul Speaks Out

18-Mar, 2020
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We're in the update corner talkin' about Paul. Or should I say... TROY.
I don't know. I honestly don't know anymore.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on UZworld, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Paul with the long hair looks just like Eric Singer lol

    ChadChad20 soat oldin
  • I’m scared my cousin is an airplane

    GBL Basketball leagueGBL Basketball leagueKun oldin
  • I am now a Greg

    lizzie masonlizzie masonKun oldin
  • GREG!......................................GREEEEEEEEG!!!

    Sam RimmerSam RimmerKun oldin
  • corona

    Lydia MillsLydia MillsKun oldin
  • Bruh if he got in trouble for asking for money for duets Jesus Christ almighty I’ve gotten scammed out of like 12k

    Arc trooper FivesArc trooper Fives2 kun oldin
  • I greg

    Tucker MartinTucker Martin2 kun oldin
  • Paul revealing he's Troy was as suprising as how fast kids got Coronavirus when they opened schools

    Fat BabyFat Baby3 kun oldin
  • also, "EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAAAAKES EVERYBODY HAS THOSE DAAAYS (everybody knows what I'm talking bout?) EVERYBODY GETS THAT WAAAAY" how is it not a song you recorded?

    Polina ShePolina She3 kun oldin
  • i need to fess up to a fact that im, too, a russian spy who eats planes there, i said it

    Polina ShePolina She3 kun oldin
  • Ah, the Update Corner 😂

    Sheaka EisaSheaka Eisa3 kun oldin
  • 13:30 he sometimes pretend to be dumb and acts like he's not getting the obvious joke. feels like he's intentionally doing this to be extra mean to somebody or to make fool out of them. kind of bothers me because it feels like a bulling tactic

    An Anonymous UserAn Anonymous User3 kun oldin
  • Flu.... or Rona boi???

    bmasseybrannenbmasseybrannen4 kun oldin
  • Danny: yeh I had the flu Me: CoRoNa ViRuS!!!!!

    ItzAliceJaneItzAliceJane4 kun oldin
  • *we need to get an ambulance for your poor knees* *hey have gone through a little too much*

    S o U p EES o U p EE4 kun oldin
  • Notification Squad! I am now blood related to you. Also, you look, sound, and act like my friend...mAyBe YoU'rE hIm PrEtEnDiNg To Be 26.

    Sage JenningsSage Jennings4 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Marius NielsonMarius Nielson5 kun oldin
  • I was wondering when people were gonna bring up his old channel, I was subscribed to it (I was 12) and saw how he started online and he's been shady since almost the beginning. He and Danny were like bestfriends, they left school to make that channel together and at first their videos were fun and seemed like they were made for the sake of having fun and creating a community, then Paul started trying to become "popular" and it seemed like he was making content for a different reason. Paul suddenly left and became popular and didn't really mention his so called bestfriend ever again (to my knowledge). He's not a trustworthy person and it seems like either he was always this weird, or his internet "fame" got to his head.

    Raiana KhanRaiana Khan5 kun oldin
  • Paul disappears Troy let me introduce myself

    Jacespeed 1Jacespeed 15 kun oldin
  • I always thought Paul Z [yeah we like that!] was German or something/someone Eastern Euro. I guess not... or maybe he is?... in a villainous factory somewhere in some snow covered mountainous bleak landlocked country....

    SweetSkatinMatSweetSkatinMat5 kun oldin
  • I don't get why he was in a corner?... is he out of the corner now?

    SweetSkatinMatSweetSkatinMat5 kun oldin
  • I mean..... he is good looking BUT, all of that quickly went down the drain.

    Med CarsonMed Carson5 kun oldin
  • 13:30 Troy is saying that only psychopaths put their fingers on the lens, which is true

    Sir SquabblesauceSir Squabblesauce6 kun oldin
  • I kinda like the sunglasses one. Also, there is one difference between the two clips, the psychopath adjusts the sunglasses by touching the lenses.

    Hollow CupHollow Cup6 kun oldin
  • Hes beging on this NEES

    Gaby M.G.Gaby M.G.6 kun oldin
  • I'm picturing a plane resteraunt, bar or pet store

    Morvern MacmillanMorvern Macmillan6 kun oldin

    ARandomUserARandomUser6 kun oldin
  • 7-8 months later and still dont know what the fuck that was all about

    Sofia RotelliniSofia Rotellini6 kun oldin
  • Troy Becker was the imposter No imposters remain

    LoliStopUploadingLoliStopUploading7 kun oldin
  • His hair is better like this

    Bald RmBald Rm7 kun oldin
  • My mans trying to hide the fact that he is the Russian spy who eats planes stop making lies Danny Putin that’s right he is Putin’s son

    What if God slayerWhat if God slayer7 kun oldin
  • Troy and Paul: "We are not the same person"

    Tooney BirbTooney Birb8 kun oldin
  • im sad to say that my uncle tim died yesterday. sadly he was on a plane to bulgaria, and the last thing he saw was paul’s mouth. 1 like = 1 prayer. hes in heaven now. 😢😢 👇

    prinprin8 kun oldin
  • the psychopath joke was they pushed the lens to adjust their glasses, so there's a fingerprint on it

    Roleplay HostRoleplay Host10 kun oldin
  • y'all here in quarantine know that wasnt just a flu

    Rosie StephensRosie Stephens10 kun oldin
  • i'm paul zimmer i'm troy becker and we are the same person

    blessed wooperblessed wooper10 kun oldin
  • 🎶Troy and Paul in the Moorrnnin'!🎶

    CaptinCrissPants Says hiCaptinCrissPants Says hi11 kun oldin
  • Is that the yellow shirt I see

    rosalyn janerosalyn jane11 kun oldin
  • He just might be going through an identity crisis, Because let’s be honest he messed up.😬😭👌🏾

    Brietta NicoleBrietta Nicole11 kun oldin
  • why does this Troye guy legit give me Luka Magnotta vibes????? yikes

    Ananya AherAnanya Aher12 kun oldin
  • his third character should be jojo siwa since he's "aLwAyS cOmInG bAcK lIkE a bOoMeRaNg"

    Seher CSeher C13 kun oldin
  • i wear a yellow shirt today...

    WootminWootmin13 kun oldin
    • @That boy Jack i commented a jojo reference in another vid of his like kono dio da and kono giorno giovanna ni wa yume garu

      WootminWootmin7 kun oldin
    • @Wootmin yes precisely

      That boy JackThat boy Jack7 kun oldin
    • @That boy Jack my pfp right? that's colour scheme rohan and i make jojo vids too so yeah lol.

      WootminWootmin7 kun oldin
    • I’ve done it! You’re number two! I’ve been searching these comments to prove to my brother that I can find a jojo reference in literally any comment section.

      That boy JackThat boy Jack7 kun oldin
  • Quoting Hannah Montana? I've never been so happy with a subscription.

    Mastah FrederiqueMastah Frederique13 kun oldin
  • lets together expose

    spacethatsit owospacethatsit owo13 kun oldin
  • yellow shirt

    spacethatsit owospacethatsit owo13 kun oldin
  • i like your shirt

    LoryLory13 kun oldin
  • If he's Troy who are 16 now... He's 14 years old 2 years ago? In 2014 he's 10??? wow he's real big boy

    Piyaporn W.Piyaporn W.15 kun oldin
  • Paul Zimmer lives in the Bermuda Triangle. Explains all the plane disappearances there.

    TheMakutaTheMakuta15 kun oldin
  • No wonder your knees hurt man they broke at the beginning of the video

    SuprNerdy •SuprNerdy •16 kun oldin
  • We need to make the plane thing a hashtag #TroyIsAspyWhoEatsPlanes Y’all need to start making videos with this hashtag so eep-

    Milky ButtercreåmMilky Buttercreåm16 kun oldin
    • #TroyIsAspyWhoEatsPlanes

      PhilTheLionPhilTheLion16 kun oldin
  • Paul looks like a dollar store brand but worse version of Jesse Rutherford.

    J KJ K16 kun oldin
  • Guys I found an amazing discovery 👁👄👁 🍌🐈💨

    Peyton’s PicturesPeyton’s Pictures16 kun oldin
  • You did it soooooo much better than him.

    Shabnam RavanbakhshShabnam Ravanbakhsh17 kun oldin
  • Only you can look like a 16 Danny

    messed upmessed up17 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know he ate airplanes

    Potato LoverPotato Lover18 kun oldin
  • a flu huh, isnt that just funny

    BusManDanBusManDan18 kun oldin
    • @Lemon Lime I mean it is like right when quarantine started

      BusManDanBusManDan16 kun oldin
    • I was thinking the same thing and looking for a comment that said something like this

      Lemon LimeLemon Lime17 kun oldin
  • Rip Kobe

    Alexander LivadiniAlexander Livadini18 kun oldin
  • Danny: hey Greg! Someone called Greg: does he know me?

    Jon BatemanJon Bateman18 kun oldin
  • not danny singing hannah montana 7:50

    leanna !leanna !18 kun oldin
  • 13:27 - he pushes the glasses up by touching the lens instead of the frame. That's it. That's the whole 'joke'.

    AyaBlue22AyaBlue2219 kun oldin
  • omg troy becker or paul zimmer is russian spy and eats planes!? im going to type this on twitter!

    AnythingYTAnythingYT19 kun oldin
  • So...he is 16 now. Guess he was pretending to be Paul Zimmer at Age 10 in 2014? That explains hitting on 8 year olds.

    Spiteful SovietSpiteful Soviet19 kun oldin
  • The saying "I know my truth" is 100% something that liars say 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Rachelle BarrettRachelle Barrett19 kun oldin
  • yeah i’m late but he now looks like an off brand conan gray

    father saltfather salt20 kun oldin
  • 2:23 Danny why did you put a picture of your cousin?

    Smileyboi1Smileyboi120 kun oldin
  • omg when i had musically he was so desperate and he begged a LOT all of them where i was shocked how many people gave him money

    kylie maysakylie maysa20 kun oldin
  • Doesn’t he have a kid?

    Kiki CheekKiki Cheek20 kun oldin
  • we need another update!!

    Sami SmithSami Smith20 kun oldin
  • I won’t lie.. The gamer one was actually pretty true..

    Sleepy TinkerSleepy Tinker21 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/oovEnrRumpqllpY.

    Eden MorganEden Morgan21 kun oldin
  • Danny sit down *crunching nosies* me: *what did he sit on?*

    e L L oe L L o21 kun oldin
  • Plot twist Troy/Paul grew his hair our cause eboys are in

    Emily’s YouTube ChannelEmily’s YouTube Channel21 kun oldin
  • god that knee break noise gets me every time

    InkInk21 kun oldin
  • 12:33

    MikeRobloxMikeRoblox21 kun oldin
  • so hes 16, but he had a youtube channel since 2014.... you're telling me that he was 10 on those youtube videos? nah hes totally a russian spy

    Larissa SallesLarissa Salles22 kun oldin
  • #merch

    Carter ChambersCarter Chambers22 kun oldin
  • I literally clicked on the thumbnail because I thought it was a like a hairstyle video or something lol

    aamer shaikhaamer shaikh22 kun oldin
  • His new hair is awful

    Molly BurgerMolly Burger24 kun oldin
  • *he wear a yellow shirt today*

    Comedy Police DepartmentComedy Police Department25 kun oldin
  • did he apologize

    ComputerDefeatedComputerDefeated25 kun oldin
  • I don’t like troy becker/paul zimmer/whatever the hell his name is but the “when you brother is a gamer” tiktok is actually kinda true(I speak from experience *cough* my older brother *cough*

    Leah SLeah S25 kun oldin
  • literal proof of him scamming uzworld.info/player/video/e3CzgbuQc6mxaJ4

    mickey milkovichmickey milkovich25 kun oldin
  • I am now a Greg!

    •Mina Ashido••Mina Ashido•26 kun oldin
  • okay hate to admit, but the "when your brother is a gamer" is kinda funny cuz i've experienced that shit way too many times

    Jotaky IninooJotaky Ininoo26 kun oldin

    DaisyDaisy26 kun oldin
  • he went from paul zimmer to troy becker to conan gray

    n6risn6ris26 kun oldin
  • If Paul is 24 and Troy is just barely 16, then when Danny Edge was 13, he was like 7??? Yeah I guess I just forgot that massive age gap between the two boys talking about dating on their channel lmfao

    Christal CChristal C26 kun oldin
  • I’d never think I’d hear Danny singing to a Hannah Montana song. 😂

    Rat RobloxersRat Robloxers27 kun oldin
  • You see Troy Becker is actually an Alien and on his planet 5 earth years is the equivalent to three weeks

    Max The eyeMax The eye27 kun oldin
  • I think he touch the lens maybe

    Hat palHat pal28 kun oldin
  • Nice shirt :)

    PawPaw28 kun oldin
  • Danny, you have mentioned exclamation point before in your video titled, "The Horrible Truth About Musical.ly Stars"

    Cringe CaféCringe Café28 kun oldin
  • after watching this video more than 10 times in these months I have to say: how he talks and his mouth makes me so mad!

    Bea_ BookBea_ Book29 kun oldin
  • Pretending that exclamation point didnt happen makes me fucking pissed. Danny deserves better than that. I'm genuinely upset by this

    Jenna TimmJenna Timm29 kun oldin
  • cool beans

    ggdoesstuffggdoesstuffOy oldin

    ggdoesstuffggdoesstuffOy oldin
  • Maybe he was saying psychopaths are normal people

    Joelle GrrJoelle GrrOy oldin
  • Paul was actually on a mission to spy on the USA But then he was about go on the plane he was hungry so he ate the plane and then the mission was cancelled

    EliasBloxyPlayzEliasBloxyPlayzOy oldin
    • Plane eater Paul :)

      EliasBloxyPlayzEliasBloxyPlayzOy oldin
    • Liked.

      EliasBloxyPlayzEliasBloxyPlayzOy oldin

      EliasBloxyPlayzEliasBloxyPlayzOy oldin
    • @EliasBloxyPlayz communist russia god

      EliasBloxyPlayzEliasBloxyPlayzOy oldin
    • @EliasBloxyPlayz No russia is bad

      EliasBloxyPlayzEliasBloxyPlayzOy oldin
  • pobodys nerfect

    Kamryn DanielsKamryn DanielsOy oldin
  • If this guy was actually 16 he’d have started doing this at 11

    YusseppeYusseppeOy oldin